Photo of massive Apple WWDC banner revealed online

OneDigitalLife has posted shots of what is ostensibly a large WWDC banner hanging in San Francisco’s Moscone Center:

(click for larger image)

Larger image with the perspective fixed here.

More here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Johnny O” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll leave it to you to decipher, but the 64-bit part and the unchanged Power Mac (Mac Pro) casing are among the most notable items shown on the banner.

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  1. This doesn’t mean anything. Apple wouldn’t put up a banner with a new Powermac picture even if they were launching a new one, and I think it is safe to assume that EVENTUALLY there will be 64 bit Intel’s in Macs, and that developers (you know, the people that are at this conference) will have to program for it BEFORE there is actually any new hardware.

    Now where are the fake product pictures that have yet to be leaked all over the web?

  2. Looks to be a picture on their, which appears larger than album art, I could be way wrong since i’ve had the same ipod for the last 3 years.

    remember that rumor about video on the nano – the “postage stamp screen?”

    I guess I don’t even know if you can put pics on the nano – that would answer it.

  3. Agree with MDN, the 64-bit hint is a Big Deal. We went from 64-bit PPCs to 32-bit Intels and we can expect at least some 64-bit Intel Macs available “soon”. Not that many of us need the goodness that 64-bits offers, some of us could get by with 16-bit systems, but it’s nice to know you could get it if you needed it. And the Mac Pro case is also indicative. They wouldn’t show it if it were to be replaced in a month or two, would they? There may well be differences they are not showing us, but they put a lot of Industrial Design money into the air-flow in that box and it would be a shame to waste it just for a visual statement.

    iSync will be changing. The icon is orange instead of ‘brushed metal’.

    Odds are good that some Apple employee will be talking about something ‘new’ coming ‘soon’ regarding each item on the poster. What they mean by ‘new’ and ‘soon’ we’ll learn in a week or so.

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