Microsoft offers ‘Arrested Development’

“Microsoft will run free episodes of the quirky TV comedy ‘Arrested Development’ through its MSN Video service later this year, making the show available online for the first time,” Elizabeth M. Gillespie reports for The Associated Press.

“MSN, the software maker’s Internet unit, said Wednesday it will run display and video ads instead of charging viewers to watch the critically lauded show that was a hit with a relatively small but fiercely loyal audience,” Gillespie reports. “MSN will have exclusive portal rights to syndicate the show’s 53 episodes for three years.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Arrested Development.” Isn’t that the code name of Microsoft’s Windows unit?

It’s really too bad. Back in January, we suggested to Fox Entertainment President Peter Liguori that they breathe new life into the show via Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Stuck with MSN for three years, it’s deader than dead now. Fox must really hate that show.

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  1. It’s too bad one of the greatest creations in the history of time has to be blemished by association with Microsoft.

    The pilot episode is already up, but of course, because I have neither IE or WMP 11, I can’t watch it. I have the DVDs anyway, but again, Microsoft is being platform-dependent (no surprise).

    iTunes still makes a whole bunch of sense – no dependency on streaming (WMP streaming is absolute bullshit too), and Arrested Development deserves to be seen without ads.

    Bottom line, buy the DVDs; you won’t regret it one bit.

  2. I guess this is Microsoft’s attempt at being cool. But no thanks. I’ll just wait for the season 3 dvd’s to go along with Seasons 1 and 2 that I already own. Wouldn’t matter if iTunes carried it either. DVD’s are a much better deal than DRM laced 320×240 videos which cost more.

  3. I absolutely hate those turds at FOX. Arrested Development will be Family Guy version 2, except it will never be able to come back because it features actual actors. Most brilliant show EVER.

    By the way, to anybody who has seen all the episodes:

    Watch episode 206 – Afternoon Delight. Right after the opening credits, you’ll see the banana stand being lifted up by the crane. Pause, and read the graffiti on the crane:

    “I get u Bluth”, signed (towards the bottom), by “Hello”.

    25 episodes later, we learn, for the first time, what that graffiti was all about. Unreal!

    Makes me so pissed off to think about the plethora of material that must have been dropped because of FOX’s antics. By the way, “The War at Home” and “The Loop” were renewed, while AD was nominated for another 5 Emmys, with ZERO promotion.

  4. Again, MS teams with the media provider to maintain the current system (adverts). What’s new?

    Then again, before I become too “give the people what they want”, I understand that the free streaming shows with ads that could not be skipped were pretty popular. Was there ever a final accounting on whether they were more popular than the iTMS versions of the shows?

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