Report: Apple MacBook shipments stronger than expected; 15-inch MacBook (not Pro) model planned?

“Sales of Apple Computer’s Intel Core Duo-based MacBook laptops have been stronger than expected, boosting monthly shipments of 13.3-inch MacBooks from Taiwan-based Asustek Computer to about 120,000 units in June, up from about 100,000 units when the company started shipping the new computers in April, according to sources at Taiwan-based notebook makers,” Celia Lin and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“Shipments will continue to increase in the second half as Apple’s competitive pricing for MacBooks will continue to stimulate demand. For all of 2006, Apple may deliver two million iBook and MacBook laptops in addition to one million MacBook Pro notebooks, the sources estimated. If realized, Apple’s notebook sales in 2006 would represent a 39% increase from the 2.16 million units shipped in 2005 as estimated by IDC (International Data Corporation), the sources indicated,” Lin and Shen report.

Lin and Shen report, “Other sources indicated that Asustek’s shipments of MacBooks already reached 300,000 units in June, up from 200,000 in May and 100,000 in April, according to a July 3 Chinese-language Commercial Times report… Sources contacted by Lin also noted that Apple may expand its MacBook family by introducing a 15.4-inch widescreen lineup.”

Full article here.

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  1. When the new ‘Mac Pros’ come out this year and the iMacs have been updated, the combined sales of Apple computers will reach new heights and the analysts wont just be influenced by sales of iPods.

  2. Apple seems to have replicated the problem it had with product line differentiation with the G4. The iBook and the Powerbook had very similar specs by the end. Now with Intel, the only difference is screen size and integrated graphics. A 15″ MB would knock out one of those pegs.

    Is there anything they can do to the MBP line to beef it up? I see them switching the MBP line to new chips so that speed, and graphics are its selling points.

  3. Well, okay if the MacBook Pro processors are upped to the 64-bit Core2 Duo (whatever it’s called) when they’re available and the MacBook stays with the current CoreDuo processor. This kind of move would really differentiate between consumer and Pro laptops.

    Yeah, 15″ with the integrated graphics card. Brilliant.

  4. I want a 8-10″ MacPDA with a touch screen and a single CPU/integrated graphics digital optical/analog port and a completly flash based drive/memory.

    No hard drive, no cd drive, great battery life.


  5. It is all about price points! Look, you go from $1499 MB to a $1999 MBP…come on thats $500! By this fall, I think they will come out with a 15.4″ MB. All the 13.3″ MB will come in black and white. and the low end 13.3″ will fall to a price point of $999. The low end of 15.4″ will be $1399. Would anyone want to take a guess on the specs to the 15.4″ MB!?

  6. If Apple is thinking of expanding its current product line, then it should make a smaller MacBookPro – something around 12″ would be nice. The 12″ Powerbook was the best Apple laptop IMHO. I’d buy a new Apple laptop tomorrow if there was something in the Pro line that was smaller than 15″.

  7. Charko:

    I realize that. I was just disputing the so called “source” of the article. I certainly would like to see Apple outpace the rest of the computer industry in sales, and surpass the 5% share this year. I think it is possible to double the market share.

    However, I would like to see reliable figures. I’ll wait for Apple to release its quartarly numbers before I break out the champagne.

    As for new MB form factors, I doubt that Apple will go for a bigger MB. Smaller, may be.
    A 10+” tablet notebook would be my wish-come-true!

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