Some Intel-powered Mac users need to update to Mac OS X 10.4.7 again

“If you are eager to get your hands on any update from Apple (as I am), then you may need to apply last week’s 10.4.7 update again,” Tim Gaden reports for APC Magazine.

“The first release of the “delta” or standalone update for Intel Macs was missing the files for OpenGL optimisation, leaving your graphics performance below par. Apple released a complete version of the update later the same day,” Gaden reports. “How can you tell if you need to update again?”

Gaden explains why some Intel-powered Mac users will need to get the updated version of 10.4.7 from Apple and how to check to see if you need to update in his full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: As we updated just minutes after release as usual, our Intel-powered Macs needed to be updated, so check your Mac OS X software if you grabbed 10.4.7 for your Intel-powered Mac soon after release, too.

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  1. C’mon Apple! Join the Big Leagues already!
    I mean, you’ve 2 flavours of OS X and a mere handful of computers that need be tested against, and it’s one f* up after another!

  2. Did anyone else have the update fail, see a message that it was moved to the trash, and then not be able to reboot (gray screen with spinner)?

    My Intel mini did this, and I had to download the update again on another computer, put it on a usb drive, boot from DVD, and install the update again from Terminal.

    It worked fine on my MacBook though.

  3. I mean, you’ve 2 flavours of OS X and a mere handful of computers that need be tested against, and it’s one f* up after another!

    Agreed. Apple, this is a gaffe worthy of MS.

  4. To me the issue with this is a simple oversight.. No one is perfect all the time, other than security updates which occasionally required a re-tooling, When has an OS update required a tweak within release. Never in my recollection… MS has a screwup a week if not more often…

  5. Give Em A Break,

    Oh, give ME a break. Stop trotting out the “MS has more screwups than this!” excuse. It’s tired and cliche–it’s not like MS controls what Apple puts up *shudder*. We expect more out of Apple. Apple’s been making a lot of missteps of late. Hopefully this trend is reversed soon.

  6. I agree. Throwing Microsoft out there as the “We Screw Up” poster child is getting old. Apple’s updates have become
    increasingly flawed for the past 18 months. They need to start living up to their reputation and give us sound and
    unflawed updates. I remember when all of us used to call Windows users “beta testers”. Well guess what… I’m really
    starting to feel like a Mac beta tester. Hell…I’ve almost gotten to the point of not even downloading the updates.
    Mr. Jobs and company are starting to make me realize that…If it ain’t broke…don’t update it.
    Come on Apple, you can do a WHOLE LOT BETTER.

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