QuickerTech debuts handle for Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro

Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro users now have a carrying handle for their new portable Macs. QuickerTek has just made available a specially designed MacBook Pro Handle that not only makes it easier to carry, but also aids ergonomics and in heat dissipation. The new MacBook Pro Handle is $48 USD and is in stock now.

This handle has several new features including:
• Brushed and anodized finish to match the MacBook Pro case
• Slotted mounting holes to insure perfect snag-free installation
• Non-slip handle grip makes it more comfortable to carry and prevents scratches to the MacBook Pro case or the desktop surface
• Easy grip thumb screws (patent pending design) allow the tilt angle to be locked in for consistent desktop placement
• All aluminum construction for strength, heat dissipation and light weight

The QuickerTek MacBook Pro Handle is designed for the Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro and comes with all hardware and required tools.

More info and photos here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]

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  1. From the looks lof it, it was originally designed to change the angle at which the MacBook Pro rested on a table top. Certainly resting at a slight angle would make using the keyboard easier.

    Then, they found that the device could triple as an angle modifier, handle and heat dissipation device.

    If I were to get a MacBook/Pro, I would get this ‘hancle’ just for the angle modification and heat disspation properties. When it comes to carrying a laptop I have a Targus case.

  2. Easy grip thumb screws (patent pending design) allow the tilt angle to be locked in for consistent desktop placement….

    This is hilarious! Looks like standard thumbscrews out of a catalog to me.

  3. AG while i’m usually first to pound on MDN for posting sponsored links as Mac news this is actually a new type of product for the MBP and is as such newsworthy. The Griffin dock thing from a few weeks back on the other hand … If they want to go this route, they should create a separate “reviews” page.

    An official comment from MDN would be a good idea in any case. They should also indicate when a news item has been paid for.

  4. In American spelling, is it correct to use ‘insure’ like this:

    ‘ Slotted mounting holes to insure perfect snag-free installation ‘ ?

    Because in British English I’m pretty certain it’s ‘ensure’. I get that they have slightly similar meanings but from Tiger’s Dictionary definitions it seems ‘ensure’ is the correct one to use.

  5. VERY often…advertising IS news. If you saw an ad today that offered a gig of ram for $30 no strings attached, would you consider that news? I would.

    VERY often news IS advertising. Hence the existence of the entire Public Relations industry.

    Consume what you lke or choose and ignore the rest. Complaining about it won’t change it and only consumes everyone else’s bandwidth (both personal and digital).

  6. No news items on MacDailyNews are ever paid advertising. When we post about a product, hardware or software, it is because we find it interesting in some way(s).

    If you didn’t find this one interesting, we apologize. Hopefully others did find it useful.

    Of course, we do receive review product samples and software serial numbers which we do use for testing purposes and/or reviews from time to time.

    In this case, we received an email about this product’s debut and since it is the first handle we can remember hearing about for the MacBook Pro, we posted the item as we figured others would be interested, too.

    Thank you.

  7. RS…

    “Because in British English I’m pretty certain it’s ‘ensure’.”

    I’m pretty sure that ensure is a product for older americans to get their vitamins…

    MacDude/Static Mesh…. can you elaborate????

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  8. From the Apple Dicyionary App:

    “There is considerable overlap between the meaning and use of insure and ensure. In both U.S. and British English, the primary meaning of insure is the commercial sense of providing financial compensation in the event of damage to property; ensure is not used at all in this sense. For the more general senses, ensure is more likely to be used, but insure and ensure are often interchangeable, particularly in U.S. English:: bail is posted to insure that the defendant appears for trial | the system is run to ensure that a good quality of service is maintained.

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