Boston Herald: Apple MacBook superior to iBook predecessor in every way

“Seldom is a computer’s most obvious feature among its more important, but the first thing you notice about Apple’s new MacBook – if you take advantage of the new chance to get one in black – is a key one indeed,” Eric Convey reports for The Boston Herald.

“It’s been too long since Apple sold a black notebook computer, and framing a computer screen in flat black rather than silver or white makes it a lot easier to look at in the humble opinion of your friendly gadget columnist,” Convey reports. “But to suggest the MacBook’s major changes are only cosmetic would be a huge mistake. The replacement for the iBook is superior to its predecessor in every way and a worthy younger sibling to the superb MacBook Pro.”

“The MacBook’s keyboard feel is excellent – far superior to the iBook’s. It also appears to be relatively childproof, which makes a ton of sense for a machine likely to find its way into [schools.] Still, the MacBook Pro’s is better,” Convey reports. “With built in iTunes and a host of other internet-related applications, this could well be the ultimate machine for college students… Now if Apple would only make a black MacBook Pro.”

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  1. The MacBook has one major problem with regard to schools. The iSight.

    Schools already have a problem with cameras and children playing around

    Also, gov’t agencies will not allow cameras on their premises.

  2. Yea, a black Mac Book Pro would be really cool. But, I do realize it might look to much like a “consumer” model than a “prosumer” model.

    Of course, it should be any day now that Apple will introduce the official AC/DC commemorative model which includes hits like: You Shook Me and Back in Black loaded on it.

  3. …except it NEEDS a decent dedicated graphics card! Screw the intel thing, people say it’s good but the Mac Mini with intel that ive got doesn’t compare at all to my 32mb ATI iBook at games, and more importantly mac os x things like EXPOSÉ.

  4. Re: Unwanted eyesight . . .I mean, iSight. A quick thrust with an icepick also quickly solves the problem. And it might be fun. A short burst of flat latex spray paint works too. Or a lighter. Battery acid?

  5. Cameras in schools are a non-issue. Before ANY hardware is handed out in a school district, software images are built by the IT folks, then extensively tested before they are deployed.
    Apps that are to be allowed usage by the student are included, apps that are “no-no’s” aren’t. In the districts I service, even undesirable Control Panels are removed, and the servers block all network traffic not expressly allowed by IT.
    Yup, the ‘Books may have a camera installed, but IT defines whether or not it can be used.

  6. I still like my iBook…but I think it’ll sell well on eBay especially since it’s still got the phone modem built in and available for folks still on dial-up accounts, but has the built in Airport card for WiFi use.

    Now if I could just talk the spouse into a MacBook Pro…

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