Coca-Cola joins forces with Apple in substantial iTunes promotion

“Coca-Cola is to team up with Apple for a substantial iTunes promotional initiative as part of the launch strategy for its calorie-free Coke Zero brand,” Nicola Clark reports for Brand Republic.

“The soft-drinks firm is negotiating a deal with Apple that will see Coca-Cola-sponsored content appear on iTunes, and its consumers offered iTunes discounts,” Clark reports.

Clark reports, “The deal follows the closure of download site Mycokemusic last week. The site, which launched in 2004, featured more than 250,000 songs, but music files downloaded from it were not compatible with Apple’s iPod… Insiders believe the iTunes tie-up could help Coca-Cola maintain its edge in the competitive UK soft-drinks market.”

“Pepsi secured a similar deal to Coca-Cola with Apple in the US in 2004, with a deal to distribute 1m songs through Apple’s iTunes online music store,” Clark reports. “In the US, Coca-Cola already runs its own branded music and entertainment website”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Stageside, wha? Boy, if even we’ve never heard of it before, that ain’t good. Checking it out, we see that it is nothing but a “coming soon” page promising “exclusive live performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and personal interviews.” As opposed to impersonal interviews, we suppose. Anyway, back on topic: FINALLY! The number one soft drink company and the number one online music company finally get together! Our Pepsi-assaulted (only during iTunes promotions) taste buds thank Coke for finally wising up. Now bring it to the U.S., please!

May this day mark the end of giant swaths of territory that never see an official iTunes Store promo bottle and awful, muddled third-party iTunes TV promos forevermore!

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  1. “Hmmmm…”: This is a diet drink we’re talking about. It’s not going to make anyone any fatter.

    But I won’t drink Coke Zero. Don’t like aspartame. I like Diet Coke with Splenda, but that seems to be the red-headed stepchild of the Coke lineup. Sometimes I can’t even find it in the grocery store. Meanwhile, Pepsi’s Splenda drink, Pepsi One, is always well-stocked. Ah, well. Prices being equal, I prefer Pepsi anyway.

    (Is it just me, or does Coca-Cola remind anyone of Apple in the 90’s — too many products? Coke, Diet Coke, Diet Coke w/Splenda, Coke Zero, C2, not to mention all the flavored variations.)

  2. “Now they look like they are abusing workers in China and partnering with people that are killing union leaders in Columbia”

    Maybe this promotion will go as good (actually, as bad) as the Pepsi one did and this’ll all be over very soon. I can forgive Apple for a lot, but now they’re pushing it. Coke is the scum of the planet when it comes to worker rights and their world wide abuse in 3rd world countries. And we don’t even want to begin with the negative health effects their softdrink products introduced to the rest of the free world decades ago.

    Bad Apple. Bad, bad Apple.

  3. Coke Zero…. Zero… as in how many of those I’ll be buying. Sadly, the full octane stuff is healthier than the low cal/no cal varieties.

    MW case, as in Ill take a case of the regular stuff. Better yet, give me Mexican Coke.

  4. Hello all. Hey, coke, pepsi, its all the same to me, just have free tunes —– OH yes, be sure to leave some room in the bottle so we can tilt it sideways and see which bottles have the free tunes. I just loved that. Twenty bottles, 18 free tunes.

    OK, OK so even I mess up once in a while. lol ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  5. “I’d like to see some Apple/iTunes/Nike/Bottled Water promotions.”

    Better but Coke, Pepsi etc are all the same companies manufacturing and bottling all the bottled water, sports water etc. Same guys. There are a few water companies that are subsidiaries of the soda companies, but only a few.

  6. MacBill,
    I’ll join you for a drink of water anytime.

    “This is a diet drink we’re talking about. It’s not going to make anyone any fatter.”
    Time has an interesting article about how we are losing our ability to judge the caloric content of foods because we substitute in so much calorie-free sweetener.,10987,1200762,00.html

    Anyway, it’s not about the Zero. It’s about Coca-cola and so many other food corps appealing to children. For Coke it’s commercials with Polar bears, Santa and kids drinking and enjoying coke. For McDonald’s it’s about including a toy prize for eating a cheeseburger or nuggets and trans-fat loaded french fries. It’s about portraying junk-food as wholesome while targeting children. It’s about social responsibility.

    For the record – I tried to disprove my nutritionist wife on everything she said about my eating habits when we first met. After all my research and fact-finding missions – I only proved her right. And now I thank her for it.

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