What Microsoft has chopped from Windows Vista, and when

TechWeb’s Gregg Keizer has compiled a nice list of what Microsoft has chopped out of Windows Longhorn/Vista, and when:

• SecurID Support, May 2006
• PC-to-PC Sync, June 2006
• XPS Support [Sort of], June 2006
• WinFS, August 2004
• Monad, August 2005
• UEFI Support, March 2006
• Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (“Palladium”), May 2004

Descriptions of the above amputations are in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Windows Vista* – Takes the question, “Just what the !%$# are you waiting for?” to a whole new level.

*aka: Albatross, LongWait, PigLipstick, Win XP SP3, TrainWreck, LastHurrah, PromisesPromises, WinMe2 (please feel free to add your own below).

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  1. This should be a business school example of how to ruin your reputation through over-promise & under-deliver. I have no doubt that VIsta will in many ways improve on XP, and if MS had kept the mouths shut for the last few years people would be comparing Vista to XP, not Vista vs Longhorn promises. The first would have been a mild success, the second is an obvious disaster. Just goes to show why Apple values confidentiality so much.

  2. smegdude,

    Can we get a list of the features that OS X has gained in the same time?

    Since Longhorn was first discussed? Okay, then, everything in Mac OS X since it debuted on March 24, 2001:

    Partial list:
    • Uses a subset of the Portable Document Format (PDF) as the basis of its Quartz imaging model.
    • Full-color, continuously-scalable icons.
    • Drop shadows around window and isolated text elements to provide a sense of depth.
    • Global application services – spell checker, special characters palette, color picker, font chooser and dictionary.
    • Anti-aliasing of widgets, text, graphics and window elements.
    • New interface elements including sheets (document modal dialogs attached to specific windows) and drawers.
    • Interweaving windows of different applications (not necessarily adjacent in the visible stacking order).
    • ColorSync color matching built into the core drawing engine (for print and multimedia professionals).
    • OpenGL composites windows onto the screen to allow hardware accelerated drawing. This technology (introduced in version 10.2) is called Quartz Extreme.
    • Exposé (introduced in version 10.3) Instantly display all open windows as thumbnails for easy navigation to different tasks, display all open windows as thumbnails from the current application, and hide all windows to access the desktop.
    • Pervasive use of Unicode throughout the operating system.
    • Straightforward architecture for localization of applications and other code, fully separating language dependencies from the core code of a program.
    • FileVault (introduced in version 10.3) encrypts the user’s Home folder with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit keys.
    • Dashboard (introduced in version 10.4) supports small applications (“widgets”) that can be called up and dismissed in one keystroke.
    • Spotlight search technology (introduced in version 10.4) allows rapid real-time searches of data files, mail messages, photos, and other information, based on item properties (meta data) and/or content.
    • Automator (introduced in version 10.4) an application designed to create an automatic work-flow for different tasks.
    • Smart Folders (introduced in version 10.4) allow for dynamically updated folders depending on a set criteria.
    • A well defined set of Human Interface Guidelines followed by almost all applications giving them intuitive, consistent user interface and keyboard shortcuts.
    • Xgrid allows networked Macs to form a distributed computing system.
    • Built in virtual file system images .dmg supporting encryption and compression, and optionally read/write capability.

    Source and more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X

  3. To “Grow Up”

    There are a lot of goofs and some downright nutcases using these forums but you shouldn’t be thinking about “Mac users”. If some folks seem cultish, well that’s just the way they are.

    Don’t worry about being associated with them if you choose a Mac. Not everyone that drives the same make of car as you will be to your liking either.

  4. Grow Up,

    The truth is sometimes harsh and painful. Your post is proof enough of that idea.

    Funny stuff, unless you’re waiting for nothing: Windows Vista – Takes the question, “Just what the !%$# are you waiting for?” to a whole new level.

  5. Dear Grow Up:

    The tone here is not obviously different from the tone at other forums. If anything, it is a little more mature than what you see in a typical PC-oriented forum. In any event, what you see here is humanity at work, with all its imperfections, in all its glory.

    Perhaps real-life humanity is not your cup of tea?

    I have a strong suspicion that what really turns you off is that it is a Mac-oriented forum. Maybe you should take your prejudices with you and just go away? I doubt that you will be missed.

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