Analyst Wu: Apple should meet or beat Q3 guidance

“Despite a softening in demand for iPods, analysts believe strong Intel Mac sales will fuel solid third quarter results for Apple Computer, which reports next month,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu said on Thursday that Apple’s Mac business appears ahead of plan for the quarter while its iPod business is slightly slacking. ‘We are seeing weaker iPod nano shipments offset by strength in video iPods and iPod shuffles,’ Wu wrote in a note to clients. ‘We continue to believe the iPod nano is in need of a refresh and will likely see one in the September quarter.'”

“The analyst, however, believes Apple’s Mac business ‘will essentially offset’ the weaker iPod sales,” Marsal reports. “His model includes 1.3 million Macs (up from 1.2 million) and 8.3 million iPods (down from 8.5).”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

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  1. Wont meet, wont beat
    expectations are already wayyyyyyyy up there.

    to many people own the stock and watching it nervously.
    when to many people watch a stock nervously, they become impatient and SELL

    macbook is good laptop but it just came out this month. and hasnt even cought on fire yet.

    If Apple was meeting or exceeding expectations, they wouldnt be trying so hard with those commercials.

  2. Sure, i was expecting stock market to go up again today, but 200 points?
    Of course not.

    Yes, i was also expecting stock market to go up tomorrow as well, but after today’s 200 point up..

    i am re-thinking about tomorrow..

    Most investors that got into stocks are likely short term investors, they are hopping for a another day of rally so they can sell

    what they dont count on is , its SUMMER TIME, less demand for stocks.

    so who are they going to sell them to?

  3. “If Apple was meeting or exceeding expectations, they wouldnt be trying so hard with those commercials.”

    Dude, that makes no sense. iPods have been heavil,y advertised for years and continue to kick everyone’s butt. Your logic is seriously flawed.

  4. Agree with R.

    Analysts #Whu says advertising shows Apple is not meeting expectations.

    If you’re meeting expectations — you stop advertising? That’s crazy!

    When you’re meeting expectations you take advantage of that as an opportunity to exceed!

  5. “If Apple was meeting or exceeding expectations, they wouldnt be trying so hard with those commercials.”

    A brand image is something that costs a lot to create and maintain. If people don’t hear about your product then it doesn’t exist. Why does clorox constantly have commercials for bleach? Why does Nike even bother to advertise its shoes? People have to know about a product to even begin to think about buying it. Apple has created an image of great products that are easy to use. All Apple is doing is keeping their brand and image in the minds of the public. Apple’s branding is effective and some of the best out there of any company. When people think Apple they think of good design and ease of use. Apple has to work to keep that image. Yes they want to sell more products but they also have to work in order to keep their image too. Apple spending money on advertising is hardly them showing any sort of fear for not meeting financial estimates. If you think that then you really know nothing about Apple.

  6. “His model includes 1.3 million Macs (up from 1.2 million) and 8.3 million iPods (down from 8.5).”

    I’m forecasting 1,244,000 Macs and 9,037,000 iPods for this quarter. Adjusting my units sold to match Shaw Wu’s, I get essentially the same gross revenue. That revenue generates 50¢ EPS.

  7. Obviously no one with MDN (or at least the one who deleted the earlier post) has ever watched the wonderful HBO series Deadwood. It’s on this Sunday at 9:00, I’d suggest giving it a shot, you obviously don’t know what you’re missing or you would have seen the humor in the post…

  8. Friend put windows on his new mac.
    showing it off to everyone in the dorm.
    Notice how much faster Windows OS is than Mac? says one.
    Yeah, wow, it really is snappier than OSX observed the rest.
    Hmmmmm….said the Mac guy.
    And then we all went and got beers.

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