Apple gives .Mac members 100 free ‘World Music Sampler’ GarageBand Jam Pack loops

Apple today offered .Mac members 100 free ‘World Music Sampler’ GarageBand Jam Pack loops:

You might be a virtuoso, or just an air guitar prodigy. Either way, GarageBand lets you create, perform, and record your own music, by putting you in control of your own professional recording studio with hundreds of instruments. Add a GarageBand Jam Pack, and it’s like having a vast pool of session musicians and a record producer at your disposal.

And right now, you have the exclusive opportunity to find out for yourself what a difference Jam Pack can make. Because .Mac members can download a free sampling of 400 Jam Pack loops – 100 loops each from the all-new World Music Jam Pack, along with Symphony Orchestra, Remix Tools, and Rhythm Section. Use them to build a foundation for your solos, or create an entire composition of your own. You can also add loops to your podcasts and even score a musical soundtrack for your iMovie or iDVD project.

400 free GarageBand Jam Pack loops. You’ve got to like the sound of that.

More info about the World Music Sampler (60.21 MB) for .Mac members here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “jayplus” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Interested readers can sign up for a free, 60-day trial of .Mac here.

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  1. Total 363 MB worth of Jam Pack sample files @ apx. 47 KB per second (upload)

    Do the math, anyone have a idea when this will be finished? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. powermacguy, that would be theft. Apple creates these packages at some cost and deserves to profit from their efforts. If you don’t want to pay the $99 for a .Mac account, then pay the $99 for the full 3,000 loop package. That’s less than a nickel a loop. If you are serious about GarageBand, you won’t be satisfied with a mere 100 out of the 3,000 in the package.

    So … any way you cut it, you are asking someone to steal for you, something you do not value much at all.

  3. DLMeyer,

    Apple is no fool, they know when they release ANYTHING it would be widely circulated on the internet. Heck I bet it’s on PB right now.

    They are giving this loops to .Mac users because they know they are the dedicated Macheads which in turn will give it to other MacHeads which will increase usage of Garageband.

    After all it’s not like Windows users can use it, so why bother having a download link that the zillions of Winfools visiting Apple’s website and will be burning up their bandwidth?

    Also it’s a form of free publicity for .Mac and a reward for those who sign up.

    Also it’s only a SAMPLE, not the whole package. Apple most likely wants it to be widely circulated to increase sales of the WHOLE Jam Pack.

    Remember, this is APPLE, marketing guru’s and product cult generating experts.

  4. Static Mesh, you apparently have not been paying attention. So, from the top of this page …
    Apple gives .Mac members 100 free ‘World Music Sampler’ GarageBand Jam Pack loops

    Apple today offered .Mac members 100 free ‘World Music Sampler’ GarageBand Jam Pack loops:

    If that is not clear enough, look in the Software folder on your iDisk, the loops are found in the subfolder names Members Only.

    From the .Mac Home Page: For members only: World Music added to Jam Pack samplers

    From the Download page: (World Music Sampler, Symphony Orchestra Sampler, Remix Tools Sampler, and Rhythm Section Sampler are only available to full members.)

    Are you seeing a trend, here? You conveniently ignored all this on your way to claiming: By the way the Jam Pack Sampler doesn’t come with any restrictions or agreements on it’s use. What part of Members Only do you not understand?

    powermacguy has asked you to do the equivalent of stealing office supplies from your job because:
    a) he’s too cheap to buy pens, pads and paperclips himself
    b) he’s too lazy to get his own job and steal his own office supplies
    Sounds like he’s taking advantage of you – playing you for a sucker. Just to put this in perspective.

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