National Semiconductor gives all 8,500 employees 30GB video-capable Apple iPods

National Semiconductor Corporation capped off its most successful fiscal year in history today by equipping every one of its 8,500 employees with a 30-gigabyte video iPod. While designed for personal entertainment, the popular Apple MP3 player will be used as a new training and communications tool at National, providing a convenient real-time method for employees to download National podcasts and other employee communications.

“We’re looking for new and more effective ways to communicate with our employees — and the iPods will help us do both,” said Brian L. Halla, National’s chairman and CEO, in the press release.

National announced record operating profits and gross margin Thursday when it announced its Q4 and fiscal year 2006 financial results. The Company’s 1,600 Santa Clara employees celebrated the milestones at National’s annual employee picnic Friday afternoon. Halla announced the Company’s iPod communications program at the picnic.

The analog integrated circuits that National designs, manufactures, markets and sells provide portable devices (such as the iPod) with longer battery life, sharp images and crystal clear sound.

“Our employees were vital contributors to our most successful year in National’s 47-year history, and we wanted to equip them with the tools to help us create more value for our customers,” said Halla. “The Apple iPod exemplifies the next stage of the consumer electronics revolution as content such as downloadable music, movies and digital photos –as well as a compelling user experience– takes center stage. And, it’s analog that makes the difference. This is where National, and our employees, deliver value to our customers.”

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  1. Gives.. Equips.. I think those are the operative words. Sounds like doublespeak and the IPods are still the property of NS. Especially as they are talking about company applications for the devices….

    Just a thought….

  2. Nick – Interesting article.

    Seems like China needs to sort out its employment laws amongst other things.

    Low salaries are not necessarily bad if the cost of living is comparable. However 15 h work days is a bit much. I haven’t done that since grad school.

    I wonder if Apple will get labeled like Gap and Nike did with protesters outside the stores? Steve won’t like that – it will ruin the asthetics.

  3. @Nick:
    The reason they are made in China is because companies in the U.S. can’t compete with the low wages, shabby conditions and crappy job incentives (or non-incentives) of China. This is not Apple’s problem. Many companies and many industries do the same thing, and it is a reflection on China not the U.S. This is why people are after China for its lack of human rights, and businesses cry foul for unfair competition.

    Hard to believe you just are hearing about this.

  4. A security guard told the Mail reporters that the iPod shuffle production lines are staffed by women workers because “they are more honest than male workers”.

    Ain’t that the truth.

  5. The really distressing thing about that story (to me) is that Apple owns the MP3 player market. There is no need to stoop to this level to stay competitve and viable.

    I’m all for making profit, but at what cost? Which is better: supporting the USA economy and making 25% profit margins or supporting the Chinese economy and making 100% profit margins?

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