Microsoft VM exec says working with Apple to incorporate changes in Mac OS X for Virtual PC solution

Mike Neil, Virtual Machine Technologies Product Unit Manager at Microsoft, sat down with for an exclusive Q&A session.. One answer, in particular, is of interest to Mac OS X users:

VI: Few months ago Microsoft declared its intention to offer a virtualization solution for the new Apple Mac OS X on Intel architecture. Are you still on this path? If so there are raw dates for release?
MN: We haven’t declared intentions to develop a virtualization solution for Intel-based Macs. Microsoft’s Mac business unit remains in the best position to provide a fully integrated non-dual boot solution that works with Windows. This team is working with Apple to incorporate changes in the OS that could allow a Virtual PC solution to work on Intel-based Macs. We’re still in the process of investigating a universal version of Virtual PC.

Full Q&A here.

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  1. There is no real loss if MS doesn’t produce a new product. Others have already beaten it to the punch and with better products.

    Seems to me this is just the latest example of MS falling behind the market. That is why my house has a declining number of PC’s, and increasing number of Macs and iPods.

    The train has left the station and this guy is trying to find the schedule.

  2. I think this puts all the rumors to rest of virtualization being included in Leopard. If Apple put it Leopard, I think Microsoft would drop Mac support and that would include Office. Apple can’t afford to use Microsoft Office at this point in the game.

  3. ” I think Microsoft would drop Mac support and that would include Office.”

    And what proof do you have of this? None.

    MS makes a crapload of money on Office for Mac, you dont just drop a product that makes money when you are a public company with shareholders. Let’s not also forget the anti-trust issue. It isn’t going to go away from MS as long as they hold a monopoly like they do and dropping Office for mac would be viewed as a clear attempt at using monopoly power to influence free markets.

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