Apple video-capable iPod nano on the way?

Is Apple planning to add video playback capabilities to their iPod nano soon?

“Speculation surrounds yesterday’s announcement of Apple’s partnership with Nike, as the pair plan to offer fitness-themed video content through the iTunes music store,” T3 writes. “Video content sounds swell, but not if the nano stays in its current form, unable to play it back.” Full article here.

Indeed, one of the features that’s Nike+iPod section promises includes, “Video and Audio Podcasts. Shows featuring the most dynamic personalities in the sporting world.” Coming with iTunes 6.0.5 (not yet available).

Nike+iPod info here:

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  1. My van has input for a video device. With TiVo able to compress video into iPod format, this would be great. I don’t want a larger iPod since I want to run and mow the lawn with it, but would love for non-drivers to be able to watch some shows during long trips.

  2. A system refresh of the nano COULD include a larger screen. I use the ipod with video (30 gig), to store a lot of video…Photoshop TV which I use for some training purposes for some people I train…and the Daily Show which I play back on a 60 inch set. What many people don’t quite grasp is that VIEWING DISTANCE makes a huge difference. Certainly the output is not high res…but it’s very watchable and of course the sound is just fine too.

    As a portable video storage device even the Nano would be fine…but watch for a touchscreen nano (with a screenlock feature)…that stores more and plays back on a larger screen.

  3. In the context of the Nike deal, the real video iPod makes super sense. But not just because of the video per se, but the virtual input interface — the virtual click wheel. The click wheel is a great interface for music, but not for all uses. But by being able to define the touch interface configuration in software, the new iPods will be able to be configured for other applications in a more ideal manner.

    We may be — I hope so — witnessing the leap of the iPod from being a slick device to being a flexible platform.

    Is a Systems Development Kit (SDK) in the cards? If Apple were to support some key interface technologies, such as wireless, bluetooth and the virtual touch screen, and create the software framework to support them, including the SDK, they could attract a flood of developers to build applications that would make the new video iPod a required component of an outside company’s product. The task for Apple is to define and create the hardware and software interfaces and SDK tool-set to enable these outside products and sell huge numbers of iPods. Apple is in the catbird seat with an incredible opportunity. I hope they see it.

    I have seen nothing of this wet dream of mine in print and I have no sources of inside information. But the possibilities are obvious.

  4. maybe add a screen that is longer and switch the viewing orientation so that you hold the nano sideways. you get a wider, slightly larger screen to fit on a nano with basically the same dimensions. Heck, cell-phone companies are touting video as some big deal, why not do it on a nano if there’s actually a market for it.

  5. Obviously it will fill quickly. Expect the nano to grow. In the current form factor their is still room to grow.

    With the new flash technology being used in the Nano their is the possibility of connecting (i’m not entirely sure on the details or how it works exactly) to put together about 32 gigs of flash. Someone help me out on this. This was news a couple of months ago. It’s Samsungs Tech i believe and it is being incorporated in a laptop right now.

    As all iPods have (remember the 5 gig that got it started?) look for the Nano/replacement/update to grow (capacity) too.

  6. A mini-wide screen Nano with touch-screen capabilities would be super cool, even at that small size. I still think Apple wants the upcoming video iPod to do the job to stop the complaining about video screen size, but why not incorporate it into the Nano if you can. No, it won’t be awesome viewing, but it will be awesome for a device that size to do such a thing. For me, video would be low priority over music and pictures, but having it available in the subway or waiting in line, etc. would be quite useful. My most enjoyment is blowing Windows users minds with Apple stuff, and a video Nano with touchscreen click wheel would surely do that. I get the most enjoyment in showing pictures of my kid in a slideshow in my pocket.

  7. This is probably obvious but if you do utilize the whole front of the iPod, the orientation should change for whatever you are using it for. Video: 90˚ to the left (keeping the scroll wheel on the right (and I guess you could customize for the lefties) Music: same upright configuration.

  8. I don’t care too much about having video capabilites on a Nano but an 8GB or 10GB Nano would be great. I could finally get all my music (well most) into a smaller iPod…..

    MDW – former – As in former Windows User. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  9. Why does it have to be a nano?

    What about the possibility of transfering to FLASH based memory for the larger iPods??

    I know there are transfer rate issues, but the fact is, people RARELY fill an iPod from scratch, so for general use a flash based iPod that can’t skip would be awesome.

    my 2 cents


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