Why Apple’s new ‘Get a Mac’ campaign will fail

Apple’s “new ads are nothing short of fantastic. Unlike the ill-fated Postal Service ad, these spots are advertising the best thing that Apple has going for it, OS X. But the ads go farther than just telling the public how great OS X is, they also point out some of the shortcomings of Windows. The campaign comes at just the right time, Microsoft is getting a stomping of gangland proportions by the media and customer trust is hovering somewhere around the Presidents approval numbers. If there was ever a moment tailor made for a Mac onslaught, this is that moment in time,” Chris Seibold writes for Apple Matters.

“There are going to be complaints about the PC being overly stereotypical or the Mac guy being too odd for people to relate to. In reality, the choice of the actors is clever. For most products the target market is 18-34, and the commercials take dead aim at the target market. Certainly, there will be other criticisms, but they will be more nitpicking than substantive. Taken separately, and applying the wildly subjective Chris Seibold Marketing Achievement Scale all the spots rate at least an eight out of ten. If all the commercials are at least a ‘very good,’ how can you be sure the ads will be considered a failure? Because they won’t move the Mac’s market share enough,” Seibold writes. “In six months, after the campaign is over, some internet hack will say that the ads were really great but Apple is still stuck with 5% of the market and hence the ads were, for all their niftiness, a failure. The person who says this will be an idiot.”

Siebold breaks down each of the ads in his full article here.

[UPDATE: 4:58pm EDT: Fixed “18-341” to “18-34.” The “1” is a superscript for a corresponding footnote. Please read full article.]

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  1. the “1” is supposed to be in superscript.

    it should have been:

    For most products the target market is 18-34<sup>1</sup>, and the commercials take dead aim at the target market.

    But yall don’t have the piece its referring to, which is:

    1. A notable exception to this would be the ads for erectile dysfunction. In that case, the target market is the age of the guy playing PC. Hopefully, for the actor after he is done with Apple’s commercials he can transition into that line of advertising. Though with the “subtle” way those drugs are promoted he’ll probably have to spend every filming session punching fifty cherry pies or something.

    you’re welcome

  2. I don’t really get this.

    They’re saying, essentially that “the ads are great, but they won’t work.” Isn’t the effectiveness of an ad a measure of how “great” it is? Apple’s not making “art” ads for creativity’s sake.

    If they’re great ads, then they should move market share.

  3. I don’t think the Mac guy is odd in any way, why do people keep saying that? He looks and acts like a typical guy in his mid-20s, like me and most of my friends. Maybe because I’m part of that generation, I can’t see how frightening we must appear to the Baby Boomers. I really had no idea jeans, hooded sweatshirts and the tiniest amount of stubble sends boomers into convulsions of horror.

  4. It gives one reason why he believes it will fail, basically saying that Apple needs to convince 1/3 of viewers to buy a Mac.

    Rather dubious logic.

    I guess any blogger can write anything about a Mac to get quoted, though.

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