Review: Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro

“There’s been a lot of hullygully in the geek press about the implementation of Intel processors in Apple computers,” Tech Digest (TD) reports. “Here at TD, we think of ourselves as demanding mobile professionals so we jostled our way to the middle of the queue for a turn on the frankly humungous 17” MacBook Pro.”

“You’ve probably seen one by now, but it’s pretty: First impression is that it’s just another 17” Powerbook. In fact it’s a shade bigger than the preceding Apple ‘portable’. Not big enough to make a real difference, just enough to burst the zip on your trendy neoprene skin,” TD reports. “The real news story around the Intel Macs is of course the recent release of BootCamp, a free software application which enables you to create a soft partition on your Mac Hard Disk and use it to install Windows XP. This isn’t emulation, like Microsoft’s venerable bodge Virtual PC, BootCamp lets the OS directly addresses the hardware so you can play games and generally waste time like a real XP laptop owner. Perverse souls that we are we had XP running and HalfLife installed before doing anything with OSX. It’s seamless. It runs exactly like – say – a recent Dell.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yippee.

TD continues, “Performance is, put simply, astounding. Apple have included a suite of applications that cover all the usual bases: As well as the expected iTunes, they have bundled iLife which offers a peerless Photo Library application, some serviceable video editing and a basic, but handy Web page generator. Tasks that seemed quick on a PowerBook G4 are effectively instantaneous on the MacBook. Even non-Intel compliant apps like Photoshop are (if a little slow to load) responsive and completely usable… If you’ve ever fancied the sleek lines of an Apple machine but dared not buy one for fear of losing all the Windows programs you sort of love then now might just be the time.”

Full article here.

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  1. Okay Apple…it’s time to be a hardware company again. Dazzle us please!!! Swankin’ colored iBooks for a start, then a mind-bending PowerMac to finish us off, and I mean totally sick! Oh yeah…and the vPod thingy too.


  2. nobody’s perfect. not even unbiased peecee tech reviewers.

    at least they gave the 17 inch mac book pro a glowing review.

    two years ago, that would have been blasphemy in the peecee world.

    so give ’em a break on the firewire 800 error.

  3. Steve BMonkey Boy: Bill, let us come up with the 21″ note book. So that we will be the 1st to come out the biggest laptop.

    Bill: Dun propose to me on this, talk to Micheal. We are the software company, not hardware, you idiot!

    Bill: Hey Mic, can you come out with the 24″ Lap top computer?

    MIc: We are still waiting for your VISTA. You guys are really cheese us off. Whay such a long wait, YOU idiot!

  4. What is it with writers today and grade school grammar?

    “Apple have (sic) included a suite of applications…”

    I see this all the time, where a subject that is clearly singular is treated as a plural noun.

    Apple is an innovative company. It is the company that makes Macintosh computers and iPods. Apple has included a suite of applications called “iLife.” It has just released a new set of television commercials advertising the Mac.

    Sorry, the last thing I want to do is nit-pick on grammar, but come on, this is so basic! But it’s annoying the hell out of me that I constantly see this “Apple have….” phrase appear in articles all the time. It’s almost as bad as PC users who insist on spelling “Mac” as “MAC”

    Sorry, flame off now.

  5. NewType, your Grammar Nazi License is hereby revoked. “Apple” the company is what’s called a collective noun, and pluralization rules for collective nouns vary from place to place.

    Before you are permitted to submit an application for the reinstatement of your License, you will be required to read, at your option, either the Oxford English Dictionary or Merriam-Webster Unabridged.

    That is all.

  6. Kindly stop polluting the posts with your blather. What is this collective noun hooey? The only “place” where “Apple have bundled…” would sound correct is the Great State of Idiocy. Your smartass license is hereby revoked and shoved up your pedantic rectum.

    Meh, guess I’m a little grouchy today. Can’t say that I expected anything less from the 17″ MacBook (and that name remains almost as retarded as wannabe).

  7. Lordeee…

    MDN, ya gotta pay attention.

    This is a fake review. The specs are wrong. Apple is not shipping the 17″ to ANYONE yet.

    Uncle Walt will get the first one to review. You know that.

    At least you guys at MDN are ensuring there are enough ads on this site. I think there is a square inch in the top right corner you can sell

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