CBS launches ‘Innertube’ online entertainment channel

“CBS today took a major step into online programming by launching a free broadband channel that will feature new series created for the web and, eventually, shows from the company’s television network. The network’s ‘Innertube’ channel, which is available through, comes as the traditional television networks scramble to capitalize on the booming popularity of online entertainment and advertising as their traditional broadcast business remains relatively stagnant,” Jesus Sanchez reports for The Los Angeles Times.

“Innertube, which premieres today with three web-only programs, is free but viewers will have to watch commercials. The company said that repeats of CBS prime time programs will eventually appear on innertube in addition to webcasts of content from CBS’ library of 100,000 hours of television programming,” Sanchez reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: CBS’s Flash-based Innertube (to watch the videos, you must choose between Windows Media Player or Real Media Player) can be found here.

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  1. I don’t want to watch the videos on my computer. I want to get them using my computer and watch them on my *** TV *** (or maybe my video iPod but I like using the video iPod to watch them in the hotel better).

    This is just poorly implementing the fundamentals without implementing the spirit of the concept!

  2. It will fail. I doesn’t even work. Total crap. Here is your video choses: CRAP or CRAP and you have to run it on CRAP windoze.

    They should check out abc to see how to do video online the right way.

  3. Regardless of the interface, it is pretty clear that Apple will be marginalized as THE portal for future TV content. Don’t think for a minute that the network TV suits were watching how Jobs exercised his grip on music pricing, and they will want NO part of that.
    Witness history, as these are the first tiny little steps of music and video content bypassing the Apple media machine. No middleman required, thanks.

  4. More bad news for Apple.
    Flash is the future for video via the net.

    The TV channels will be promoting on their shows and no Apple involved.

    I am starting to doubt we will ever see a video iPod….

  5. First CBS teams with Google Video. MISTAKE.

    Then CBS launches this InnerTube mess. Too bad the videos stream so poorly. MISTAKE.

    Avoiding iTunes just reinforces that CBS is TV FOR OLDER PEOPLE who don’t use iPods.

  6. It’s the exact opposite of Guiness Stout!

    Brilliant, NOT!

    it’s a very frustrating website., plus the .99 downloads would not play on a Mac, as they force you to use a codec that only works on WiMP for Windows… I missed an episode of Survivor and assumed I could download it from…. boy was I wrong. and very pissed.

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