Mount Apple Mac Mini, iSight camera behind your monitor with MiniHitch & CamHitch

CompWave has announced new products for the Apple Mac mini & iSight Camera.

The New MiniHitch & CamHitch allows you to mount your Mac Mini and your iSight camera on the back of your monitor, by making use of the VESA pattern mounting holes found on the back of many LCD monitors.
The New MiniHitch & CamHitch maximizes desk space and protects the Mac mini from scratches. The MiniHitch design also allows it to be used as a stand-alone protective shell for the Mac mini.

The MiniHitch retails for US$49.95 and the CamHitch is $15.95. The MiniHitch/CamHitch Combo is $64.95.

More info here.

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  1. By the time you buy a Mac mini, a 17″ LCD, an iSight camera and these two adapters, you could have bought a real 17″ iMac for basically the same price and have a much better system.

  2. There is a potential problem with 1-piece computers like the iMac … what if the monitor goes bad? Or if you want a much hunkier computer to drive it? With this you can go from a box-stock entry-level mini to a fully buffed out version for about the price difference between the basic iMac and the top-of-the-line iMac.

  3. Why?-

    People never really figure that out. they pour more and more money into lower end stuff, and never get the features they could have if they’d just make the right investment in the first place.

  4. I think it’s cool. The Mac mini is a great machine, and the iMac is a great machine, but you can get this, plus a Mac mini, plus a 19″ LCD for far less than a 20″ iMac, so I think it’s a nice product.

    I didn’t even know those VESA mounting holes existed until I read this and checked the back of my monitor.

    One question though: I know most optical drives really don’t work too well unless they’re horizontal or vertical. I wonder how well the Mac mini’s drive will work at a diagonal slant?

  5. some people like myself who already through circumstance already own all of these components could use this too maximize my small messy work space… its a genius little piece of plastic… wish I would have thought of it myself. Guess I’ll stay poor

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