Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ campaign seizes the moment as Microsoft suffers Windows Vista setbacks

“Windows is cast as a stuffy businessman and a sneezing, virus-riddled PC as the Macintosh maker launches a campaign to get buyers ‘thinking different’ once again. With Microsoft’s Vista operating system suffering setbacks, Apple has seized the opportunity to promote its Macintosh in the US with the first national ad campaign for Macs in more than a year,” Greg Sandoval reports for CNET News. “The ads, which began appearing on television Monday night, poke fun at some of the problems with the Windows operating system and play up Apple’s user-friendly reputation. The commercials also come at a crucial time for the Mac.”

“‘We’re at a very convenient crossroads for them to say ‘Check out the Mac for the first time…again,” said Richard Shim, an analyst for research firm IDC. ‘They have a new operating system coming soon, and they’re going through a very public transition to the Intel platform. And the biggest player on the block (Windows Vista) is going to be delayed.’ …The ads ‘are little different in tone from what Apple has taken in the past,’ said Michael Gartenberg, research director with Jupiter Research. ‘They’re humorous but don’t come across as particularly arrogant or elitist. They seem to be doing what they are supposed to: generate buzz about Macs,'” Sandoval reports.

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  1. Buzz but no conversions. What’s the point? Methinks it’s all about holding onto the base, many of whom may be attracted to the coming declaration from all the major and minor media that the eventual launch of Vista is the greatest event since the invention of the personal computer.

    Combine that with malware attacks galore on the Intel Macs that are going to overtake a previously immune system and you have the formula for failure AND the excuse Steve wants to explain why Apple must become a hardware only company. With iPods, of course.

  2. Combine that with malware attacks galore on the Intel Macs that are going to overtake a previously immune system

    You can tell this kind of FUD is funded by MS. It’s vapor malware.

  3. Rammer says “Apple people love them, Windows people ignore them.


    Not my former PC using brother-in-law who just bought an iMac. And not the 50% of new Apple customers who were former PC users. Yes, that’s right, 50% of new Mac buyers are former PC users. That’s a pretty significant statisitc.

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