InformationWeek: Apple Mac run Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux; Dell and HP should be concerned

“Apple Computer’s switch to Intel CPUs for its new desktops and laptops brought up a fascinating question: Can the Intel-based Macs run Windows operating systems and software natively? Indeed they can, thanks to the beta release of Boot Camp, a free dual-boot enabler designed to let users install Windows XP on Intel-based Macs. Apple says dual-boot capability will be built into Leopard, the next major release of its OS X operating system,” Richard Hoffman reports for InformationWeek. “I ran Boot Camp on a new iMac with a 2-GHz Intel Core Duo processor and installed Windows XP Pro almost without a hitch–so smoothly you’d hardly know Boot Camp was beta software. Just be sure not to choose anything other than the C: partition to install Windows to, as you could instantly wipe out your OS X partition accidentally. I then ran a full range of Windows software, including Office, Visio, Outlook, Photoshop, and graphics-intensive games.”

“Boot Camp’s execution is good, and the concept is a stroke of brilliance on Apple’s part. Apple doesn’t sell or support Windows on Macs and says it has no intention to preinstall Windows on its products. Regardless, Apple now has a fast, capable, stylish line of computers that runs a wide range of operating systems natively: OS X, Windows XP, and Linux. That’s something to get excited about, or if you’re Dell or Hewlett-Packard, a bit concerned,” Hoffman reports.

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  1. Apple moving closer to being able to work with Windows???

    Apple considers Sun’s ZFS for Mac OS X

    Apple is considering porting Sun’s modern performance file system to Mac OS X. Developed for Sun’s Solaris 10 operating system, the ZFS file system offers extremely fast performance, support for virtually unlimited capacity, advanced data integrity routines, and more. ZFS, based on a transactional object model, removes most of the traditional constraints on the order of issuing I/Os, which results in “huge performance gains,” according to Sun.

    Sun touts the ZFS as “endian-neutral,” allowing users to use storage disks in different computers with different processors.

  2. Truth be told, most people just don’t care or see no purpose in multiple OSs on the same computer, this is such a none issue it’s funny. Apple will be lucky to pick up 0.1% market share increase from Boot Camp or other similiar software. If I had an Intel Mac, I’d install it as I have one piece of software I could use at home, but I’m not like the other 99.9% of computer users and either are most people reading MDN.

  3. People are always quick to point out that Apple can’t compete with the $599 Dell/HP/Gateway crap. True. Instead, Apple will ignore the slim margin at the bottom of the market and compete at a profitable level. This means that if Dell/HP/Gateway do lose sales to Apple it will be from their more expensive models that actually have some profit in the price tag. Dell, HP and Gateway should be worried about their profits.

  4. If a Windows owner hates Windows and buys a Mactel, he is not going to put Windows on his Mactel.

    If a Windows owner loves Windows he will not buy a Mac.

    This porting is for a very small number of Mac owners that see the need for running a Windows-only program.

    Dell and others should be worried if for some reason Windows XP and other Windows software on a Mac runs faster and better than on Dell hardware.

  5. If Apple could figure out a way to shield the Mac from malware on the windows partition, then they would have a real selling point to the unwashed masses. Imagine that the only secure way to run windows is to run it on a mac. Is it possible? Apple is adventurous and innovative, but I don’t know if even they have the smarts or the resources to pull it off. It would certainly distract from other necessary things.

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