InformationWeek: Apple Mac run Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux; Dell and HP should be concerned

“Apple Computer’s switch to Intel CPUs for its new desktops and laptops brought up a fascinating question: Can the Intel-based Macs run Windows operating systems and software natively? Indeed they can, thanks to the beta release of Boot Camp, a free dual-boot enabler designed to let users install Windows XP on Intel-based Macs. Apple says dual-boot capability will be built into Leopard, the next major release of its OS X operating system,” Richard Hoffman reports for InformationWeek. “I ran Boot Camp on a new iMac with a 2-GHz Intel Core Duo processor and installed Windows XP Pro almost without a hitch–so smoothly you’d hardly know Boot Camp was beta software. Just be sure not to choose anything other than the C: partition to install Windows to, as you could instantly wipe out your OS X partition accidentally. I then ran a full range of Windows software, including Office, Visio, Outlook, Photoshop, and graphics-intensive games.”

“Boot Camp’s execution is good, and the concept is a stroke of brilliance on Apple’s part. Apple doesn’t sell or support Windows on Macs and says it has no intention to preinstall Windows on its products. Regardless, Apple now has a fast, capable, stylish line of computers that runs a wide range of operating systems natively: OS X, Windows XP, and Linux. That’s something to get excited about, or if you’re Dell or Hewlett-Packard, a bit concerned,” Hoffman reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Dell and HP concerned?
    Maybe…They both seem to cater the business market more so than the consumer market.

    However, those individuals that have a choice are now given the ammunition to move to Apple only without the need to buy another computer. This can only be good news for the Apple faithful.

    Question: Is it still a Mac if it’s running Windows? Or is it just an Apple computer?

  2. If a Windows owner hates Windows and buys a Mactel, he is not going to put Windows on his Mactel.

    If a Windows owner loves Windows he will not buy a Mac.

    right again

    This porting is for a very small number of Mac owners that see the need for running a Windows-only program.

    right, yet gain… see a pattern?

    Dell and others should be worried if for some reason Windows XP and other Windows software on a Mac runs faster and better than on Dell hardware.


  3. I think this bootcamp beta is more of a defensive-type move my Apple to keep Apple owners from buying a Windows PC.
    For all Apple´s efforts over the last years it´s Market share as barely budged upwards. That means for every Window switching to Mac, their are also Mac people buying Windows machines.
    (I know, I am one of them. And I know three others.)
    Hoping that Leopard has some nice surprise in it regarding running Windows programs then my next computer might be an Apple.

  4. Ya know this is all about choice. Apple is right there offering choices that Dull and HP can’t. Let the winblows folks run xp on their macs. How many mac users run VPC because we have to for an oddball app right now even before Bootcamp?

    This is the beginning of the demise of Monkey Boy and the minions of the mediocre. The strategy is sheer genius. I will never dual boot my mac, virtualize YES, but right now this is for the windows croud.

    Besides, how many other hardware people are building EFI into their little “real pcs”(LOL Monkey Boy hope you fester in your own puffiness…hehe)?

    This will force the other hardware companies to push for EFI, since it is much better than the dated BIOS. Who are they gonna push…….MonkeyBoy!

    Vista may or may not be EFI compatible, time will tell, and I say this as the Vista specs change daily it seems. BUT you will see the hardware folks pushing M$ a bit, and at that point, all we have to do is dual boot to our hearts content, virtualize if we want, and watch our APPL stock.

    BIOS is old dated and dead, Apple just proved it, and now M$ will have to content withg being BIOS AND EFI compatible…love that little twist….think it might make the trainwreck explode, could be…HAHAHAHAHA

  5. gheem: “I will never dual boot my mac, virtualize YES, but right now this is for the windows croud.”

    Why, for the windows crowd? You can run XP with virtualization in Mac with Intel and shield XP from the net: XP in a box unable to ‘talk’ to the net. The only ‘secure’ Windows.

    Look at

  6. iPodder….

    I am talking about virtualization like Parrallels or VPC. I use that.

    What I am saying is that I will never dual boot a native xp install onto a physical partion.

    With virtualization, I can copy/paste, blah blah, and I actually run Solaris, Linux, and a few other OS’s built for x86.

    But I do not want to reboot my mac into a native install of XP.

    Sorry about the confusion……..

  7. Offering Windows support provides those with a catalogue of windows programmes – especially kids programmes – the option to switch the replacement family PC without the kids going bananas.

    When they have tried the OSX software that comes bundled in iLife they will use Windows less and less. Its a well placed strategy to break the 5-6% barrier that has kept Apple small ( in world domination terms that is).

    It’s like tickling trout. You have to coax the conservative and those with limited means gradually.

  8. God IntelliTXT is annoying. Unbelievable.

    Even more annoying are the people who keep complaining about it helplessly rather than just editing their hosts file or downloading a safari plugin to block it. I edited my host file weeks ago and haven’t seen an intellitxt link since.

  9. You should see how fast a virtual windows 98 machine runs on a QUAD. Fast enough to play some of my old games thru a software 3d render, so for me, I would much rather virtualize if I need use to use windows. Again it is a matter of choice.

  10. Apple is positioning itself… as a total cross hardware solution.

    There are instances where people or companies like the stylish looks and reliability of Apple hardware but need to run Windows, Linux, Unix etc.

    The smart successful computer professional will now buy a Mac as this gives them the most flexability.

    Put on a PC hat at corporate, Linux at the geek convention, Unix at the science convention and Mac OS X at home.

  11. Our vertical market, construction estimating tools are Windows-only. This means that in the past, our potential customers running Macs were stuck buying a PC or had to deal with the molasses speed of Virtual PC.

    Now with the new virtualization software on the Mac, they can run our software and still stay in the solid OS X environment for the rest of their tasks. I know many of these companies would gladly buy a new Mac with an Intel chip just to run our products.

    So in the end, Apple didn’t necessarily gain market share here, but did make more sales (and Dell or some other PC vendor lost sales). It’s all good.

  12. Kevin,

    BootCamp is not virtualization software, it allows a true native install, VPC or Parrallels is virtualization software. I agree with you, options are a good thing, but I think some folks out there are getting native install and virtualization software mixed up

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