Analyst: Apple to double storage, add video capability to iPod nano in September quarter

“Analysts for American Technology Research on Monday said checks show Apple Computer to be planning a new iPod nano with twice the storage for its September quarter. ‘Our most recent checks indicate the current 2GB and 4GB nano models will see their storage doubled to 4GB and 8GB capacities,’ analyst Shaw Wu told clients in a research note. The analyst said he is also picking up indications that the players will gain basic video capabilities. “We anticipate these new nanos will become available in the September Quarter and become top sellers, particularly if Apple keeps the price points low at $199 and $249,” Kasper Jade reports for Apple Insider. “In the meantime, Wu says Apple is working hard on extending the battery life of its next-generation widescreen video iPod.”

Full article, including the tidbit that Wu expects Apple to release their rumored 13-inch Intel consumer “iBook” as early as June here.

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  1. LOL Jay

    “As EARLY as June” !?! Current iBook version will be year old then. I have no idea why are they waiting so much. And it’s most likely going to be Mac mini with display and iSight, for 500$ more

  2. Chill out, you douchebags. So they misspelled September. You’d think it was Ballmer having another coronary or that Cringely poltergeist spewing another fantasy-laden “article”. Come onnnnnn, it’s MDN! We’re all friends here. Yeh-heh-hehesssssss . . . of course we are.

    Now, since you remind me of de children I refuse to acknowledge I have, I will tell you de same thing I told them: I’m not your father, de bitch lied, your mother doesn’t love you, and I hate smart-asses.

    Kind of all de things that Jobs said to that love child de first time he heard from her.

  3. Video on a nano? What’s next?

    A full meal grape?

    Commuting in a Hot Wheels car?

    Bathing in a thimble?

    Toothpick skis?

    Little women? (sorry, Louisa May)

    Maybe the Lilliputian market is untapped and more vast than I cared to realize.

  4. The only time Apple employees “help do it all” is when they are trying to sell you something. Also, sometimes the guys on the other end of the Apple care line that you have paid a ransom for – but most of the time, even they put you on hold while they consult the manual or talk to someone who might, but usually do not, know. In other words, the campaign is BS.

  5. Septmeber?

    To MDN (whoever you are), when you see that red dotted line underneath a word your just typed, it means it is not spelt correctly (or at least not in the dictionary). Double-click it and it will present alternative spelling(s)…

    Yes, I know I am being a dick… but, seriously, use the damn technology!

  6. Jay,

    I agree completely. Still – I wish I COULD.

    On another note, the Nanos are great and everything (we’ve got one), but in the portable media player realm, where’s the news and rumors of an updated iPod/PDA thingy?

  7. Video on iPod is about more than watching something on a small screen. It’s about taking your content with you in a small package.

    Before I got my iPod I used to carry about 20 cds in my car I was juggling discs to hear different songs. The CDs would slide under the seats and fall out and crack the jewel cases. I’ve used wallets, too, but some CD’s aren’t marked clearly enough to easily tell what they are (esp while driving!). Now that I have an iPod I just plug it in.

    Sure, the music is _okay_ on the earbuds it comes with, but the experience is about taking with you and being able to connect it wherever you are. Connect it to your car stereo, home stereo, white earbuds, expensive headphones, etc… You are not limited by what it comes with.

    I see the iPods with video the same way, the little screen isn’t ideal, but you can connect it to a TV and not have to take a stack of dvd’s with you.

    Finally, it is possible that Apple has a another accessory in the works, like the Hi-Fi only for video. One thing that was noted when the latest iPods came out (but seems to be quiet these days) is how they are flat, with no protruding center button. This would allow them to be plugged into another device, like, say, a nanobook! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  8. “Is it possible that the new iBook will drop the hard drive and have only flash memory for long-term storage?”

    Wouldn’t that put it way above the typical iBook price point?

  9. “I don’t think watching video would be a good experience on a screen the size of a stamp.”

    So hook it up to a 70″ wide-screen tv.

    There’s a lot of content that I would watch on my Nano. Specifically things where it’s about the images, and the content could be slideshow based, but that would require additional production resources from the content provider as opposed to just repurposing video. Things like news shows or talking heads work well for this.

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