MoboVivo readies TV show content for Canadian iPod owners

“It’s starting small, but Calgary’s MoboVivo believes it will be first in Canada to offer legal, paid, downloadable TV shows for the Apple Video iPod. At press time, the only confirmed programs the company would be offering as of late April were Namaste, a yoga show licensed from CHUM’s Access, and Fashion File from CBC. MoboVivo CEO Trevor Doerksen says other lifestyle shows and docs will roll out in early May. He adds that he is currently in talks with ‘every broadcaster in the country.’ To what extent those broadcasters will support MoboVivo remains an open question, however. While terms of the CHUM deal were not revealed, the CBC deal is non-exclusive,” Samson Okalow reports for Playback.

“MoboVivo will offer programs for download at $1.99 to $3 for a 22-minute, commercial-free episode, with 44-minute shows expected to retail at the same rate. Doerksen says most shows will be available immediately after their TV airing, while others may be at the rerun stage,” Okalow reports. “Apple has not yet introduced iTunes video to Canada, but is expected to do so in the near future. Doerksen doesn’t expect MoboVivo to be in competition with iTunes, but concedes that iTunes will likely offer content already licensed by MoboVivo and ‘we’ll have to work out a deal where we split the pie a little bit more.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s good to finally see some legal iPod video content in Canada.

[UPDATE: 6:16pm EDT: Take revised and the negativity rescinded as per reader comments below.]

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  1. MDN, ease off. I love mac rumors and news as much as the next machead, but come on. Your editors increasingly give mac users a bad name, you want to pick on microsoft, fine, creative sure, but a small start up trying to provide a service that will help sell iPods? give it a rest, you’re like a bunch of apes with sticks, trying to smash everything that doesn’t have an apple on it.
    magic word: arms, as in you’re always up in arms.

    chill out, I’m sure there is more bad stuff about microsoft we can talk about.

  2. MDN time to say good-bye to Mac elitism. Many refugees from the Windows OS are coming over to Apple’s Mac platform. Stop making us ashamed to admit we’re Mac users and part of the Mac community. It is easy to exhibit pride. Let’s try just being nice and appreciating the increased market and mind share of Apple.

  3. MDN,

    I know Trevor Doerksen personally and he has been a steadfast Apple advocate for a long time now. He has done some very innovative things in the area of education and QuickTime technology. Sticking with and promoting Apple in an environment that only knows one solution takes a special sort of person. It is too bad you could not have come up with a more encouraging and positive take.

  4. TO representin’! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    entanglement –

    Essentially, it was “Enjoy the ride, because iTMS will squash them with iTunes starts selling TV shows in the Canadian store”

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