Sony to license ‘LocationFree’ software for Apple’s Mac OS X

Sony Corporation announced today the licensing start of “LocationFree” software to Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd. Kaga Electronics will be developing “LocationFree” software for Mac OS X products by Apple Computer, Inc., and by connecting them with Sony’s “LocationFree Base Station”, customers will be able to enjoy “LocationFree” with mobile products on Mac OS X.

“LocationFree” can transmit content to PCs, the PSP (PlayStation Portable) or a dedicated LCD monitor, after connecting the “LocationFree Base Station” to a TV antenna and/or DVD recorder. “LocationFree” proposes a new way to enjoy TV such as watching TV programs or video content via a wireless connection at home or even outside the home through an internet connection. Customers will be able to enjoy “LocationFree” with Windows Mobile and cellular phones as well as Mac OS X products.

As telecommunications infrastructure advances, Sony will increase licensing of “LocationFree” software in order to expand the number of compatible products. According to Sony’s press release, this will create a life style where TV and video content can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

More about “LocationFree” software here.

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  1. If i could watch cable wirelessly on my PowerBook, that would be exceptional. I would much rather have an airport AV than something from another company. We have been waiting for that a long time now. How long has the airport express been out? July 1 04 i think. Ok thats not as long as i thought.

  2. I vowed never to buy another Sony product as long as I live, and I am sticking to it. I suggest you all do the same.

    I still own a 32″ Sony TV and it is so annoying because it is continually buzzing. I have to put cardboard coasters underneath the front to minimize the buzzing. What kind of tech is that?!

    Sony sucks eggs!

  3. rasterbator, what about all of the apple books with the byzzing noise? does it mean youre not going to get any new products from apple? very soon if you keep on thinkin like that you wont have any products to spend your money on.

  4. at least someone is doing something. Apple needs to offer full (ALL CHANNEL) video feed mux/demux on their next base station so a neighborhood can pay one cable bill between then and alert each other when the 30 minute add sections are going to show up. That way more people can get their shows from ITMS and hopefully available WHEN they are broadcast.

    ….and for round 2 of the playoffs we are moving FSN+ to digital only….

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