Wall Street optimistic about Apple’s Intel-based Macs

“Sales of Apple’s iPods and computers are growing, but by not as much as Wall Street had forecast. The iPod remains Apple’s biggest moneymaker, and the portable digital music device has sparked an ‘ecosystem’ around itself, analysts say: More customers are using Apple’s iTunes online music store to fill their iPods, and people are buying more accessories to personalize the devices,’ The Associated Press reports. “Though Apple fell short of Wall Street’s revenue expectations, analysts expressed optimism that Apple’s Intel-based computers could take market share away from other personal-computer makers who also use Intel chips in their machines. Plus, the decision to allow Macintosh users the ability to install Microsoft Windows operating system and switch between the two platforms on a Mac could also boost sales.”

“On the whole, analysts were bullish about Apple’s prospects. ‘Looking ahead, we remain optimistic given numerous catalysts in the near term and over the long run,’ wrote Bear Stearns analyst Andrew Neff in a client report. He named the Intel-based MacBook laptop, prospects for an iPhone and possible iPod price cuts as key potential drivers. Apple ‘has demonstrated a track record of innovation, which we expect to continue,’ he said,” AP reports.

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    You need a iPod Dock that bypasses the complicated computer for direct iTMS access.

    This way the computer illeterate of the world can buy and download songs with very little trouble.

    Think of it as a introduction device to Mac’s.

  2. “You need a iPod Dock that bypasses the complicated computer for direct iTMS access.”

    The future of the iPod would have to include some sort of storage area for a person’s music. Otherwise, people would have to buy all new music when buying a new iPod, or when it was stolen or broken.

    The computer (or A computer) is always going to have to be a part of the digital music equation. If you had a service where you could buy music on the fly and have it upload directly into your iPod, it would have to then sync to whatever permanent holding area (iTunes) where your music resides.

    And FWIW the computer illiterate of the world are slowly dying off.

  3. macromancer said: ‘And FWIW the computer illiterate of the world are slowly dying off.’

    I wish. One of my clients publishes a monthly newsletter on their website and we also make it available as a PDF and Word document. Nevertheless, members are still begging for a paper version to be mailed to them. So far, the client has resisted. It would cost the client over $500 every month just for the postage, not to mention the copying, the paper and the envelopes.

    Many people are totally ignorant about computers (of any kind). They know less about them thhan how their cars work. Really!

  4. Hmmmm, to cptnkirk,

    You said about people wanting paper copies that it would cost + 500 $. Hey, you want it, you pay for it, total costs plus 40%. Sounds like a plan. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    No, really, it seems that wallstreet (who ever that really is) is always projecting more in sales for everyone than really occurs. Maybe they are just projection wishful thinking. ????

    I mean if Wallstreet is always wrong on its projections, maybe they are the one under performing. hahahaha. Maybe we should sell off their stock when their projections are wrong???


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