Analyst expects Apple to launch higher capacity iPod nanos, new large screen video iPod this year

“Following Apple’s earnings announcement on Wednesday, analysts for Piper Jaffray weighed in with their predictions what new products may be in the company’s pipeline and when they may first appear. Analyst Gene Munster told clients on Thursday he expects Apple will launch higher capacity iPod nanos and a new video iPod later this year. ‘Last night, Portal Player announced that its PP5021 SoC, which will be available in the second half of 2006, has not been selected for use on mid-range and high-range flash-based iPods,’ the analyst said in a research note. Munster believes the announcement provides some confirmation that Apple will indeed launch higher capacity iPod nanos, such as 8GB and 10GB models, later this year,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“‘We expect to see a higher capacity iPod nano in the market in late summer or early fall,’ the analyst wrote. ‘Releasing new nanos during the back-to-school timeframe would allow Apple to capitalize on this seasonally stronger buying period, but, more importantly, we need to see the products in the market by October-November to take full advantage of holiday buying.’ While Munster does expect Apple to launch a large screen video iPod at some point, he said it’s difficult to pin-point the timing of such a rollout,” Marsal reports.

Full article here.

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  1. the companies that used to promote on tv turned to google to capture the internet , they paying a lot of money for per click, no wonder per click prices have gone up to like $7,8

    Google’s stock will probably remain in the $440 level tomorrow

    however SANDISK is a total loser, their stock is headed to near $50 soon , and probably $55. in the short term.

    they reported only 17 cents per share, thats less than 1/2 the expected. and less than 1/2 of what they earned last year.

    Clearly Apple is stealing the spotlight from Sandisk with Ipods and Ipod Nanos.

    Sandisk has no future, they company is driving itself into bankruptcy. Most of their products are flaw too, if you ever had their ‘ cruiser mini ” flash drives, you probably experienced some problems operating it.

    this is one company noone should go near of , people in charge of the company have no passion for the quality of their products at all.

  2. Maybe we’ll see new iPods with the Leopard preview in August? I’d personally rather have a nano with 20-30 GB of storage vs. a full-screen video iPod. Does anyone really watch that much video on that tiny screen? I love downloading stuff from iTunes (or BT) and watching it on my powerbook. I wonder how much smaller they can get the iPod.

    iPod pico anyone?

  3. Apple is too slow in releasing new products.
    (I wonder if the reason new iPods have not come out is because Apple contracted for a huge amount of the memory/processor chips and they have not been selling as fast as they thought. So they have to hold off on any new ones.)

  4. Correction: after reading the SANDISK reports, i realized they had some one-time fees they had to get over with, if they had not paid those fees, their earnings per share would have met the wall street expectations.

    top that off with growing revenue, and you cant really expect sandisk to fall any more.

  5. This assumes that Apple corrects whatever issue already sent the large screen iPod back to the drawing board.

    But I give Apple much credit that we discover this stuff from rumor sites not grandiose public announcements that are made, but not lived up to.

  6. Hey Google Sux but,

    What are you, blind? SNDK missed estimates by 1 .. as in one.. uno… penny.. 1c. They earned 44c/share this quarter, not 17c.

    I hope you’ve got a day job, because if you’re trading stocks then you’re doomed, doomed I tell you 😀

  7. First, don’t blab on about stocks – you seem to be extremely speculative and uninformed.

    Second, you later make a correction on your analysis of Sandisk which has no reflection on your prior complaints:

    1. Sandisk has no future
    2. The company is driving itself into bankruptcy
    3. Most of their products are flawed
    4. People in charge of the company have no passion for the quality of their products at all.


  8. Maybe the Nanos will be more reliable than the hard-drive iPods. I had to return two iPods – 30GB video. The hard-drive got corrupted just loading songs for the first time. The Apple “Genius” said I proably ripped songs from CDs that skipped. WTF? Has anyone else had this problem?

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