Transcript: Apple CEO Steve Jobs addresses the Cupertino City Council

Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs attended a Cupertino city council meeting on April 18 to announce Apple’s plans to build a second Cupertino campus on 50 acres.

Transcribed by Kimra McPherson for the San Jose Mercury News:

Steve Jobs: I don’t have much of a presentation. … I mostly just came down to tell you something and get your feedback on it.

When we started Apple in my parents’ garage 30 years ago this month — April Fools day — after about a year we moved to Cupertino. We’ve been here for almost 30 years, been here ever since. What’s happened at Apple is that our business has basically tripled in the last five or six years. We’ve gone from 6 billion in sales to 20 billion in sales, basically.

What that’s meant is that our head count in Cupertino has dramatically expanded.

Now we have this great campus down near 280 — but we are in 30 other buildings now. We’ve rented every scrap of building we can find in Cupertino to put our people, and they just keep getting further and further away from the campus, which is — the whole situation’s pretty inefficient and frustrating. It’s inconvenient and frustrating for people.

We decided many months ago that we need to build a new campus, and we didn’t think we could do it in Cupertino, because there ain’t a lot of apricot orchards left in Cupertino.

Full transcription here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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  1. I hope that Jobs will be progressive with his architectural endeavor. I think he should really consider the fact that this is an opportunity to really create a wonderful place to work. My vote is for Rem Koolhaas OMA.

  2. Adam Sandler: And the Oscar goes to… Steve Jobs for his work at the Cupertino City Council Meeting in April. Steve, great job. You were so believeable. What was your motivation.

    Steve: The same it always is — I want to crush Bill Gates and Microsoft. (laughter and applause)

    I want to thank the academy and all of my fans that line up to see me at events in an Apple vest two times a year. Also, I would like to thank my wife and kids who out up with me (laughter and applause). Oh and one more thing…

    Live from New York… It’s Saturday Night Live!!

  3. What’s happened at Apple is that our business has basically tripled in the last five or six years.



    If you need to hire people, do it in the Apple Stores. Put people where they can sell & support, not where they just add to HQ’s overhead.

    Sounds like Jobs is a pretty humble guy…

    You need to be humble at City Hall. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> Don’t jerk the people who give the permits!

  4. “Ain’t” is a contraction of “Amn’t,” which is hard to pronounce and which no one uses, but is itself a contraction of “Am not.” This is similar to Isn’t (Is not.)

    It used to be accepted grammar in America (1800’s), and should be again (IMO.)

    Go Steve!

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