Belight Software announces Windows to Mac ‘Switcher Contest’ winners

“In the end of March, we arranged a special contest in order to celebrate Apple’s 30th anniversary. All visitors were asked to contribute their advice on how to convert a ‘die-hard’ PC user to the Mac,” the BeLight Software website explains. “We received more than 300 brilliant ideas. Check out the best of them and maybe one will encourage you to start your own switcher career. Also we are happy to announce that Angus Malcolm, James Caplice and Wesley D. Radcliffe became the winners of the contest. Each will receive one year subscription to either MacWorld or MacAddict magazines. Congratulations!”

Read the many “proven switching advice” entries here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Whit” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple ad aimed at Switchers:

    Millions of computer users throwing out Windows. Literally.

    (Start pictures of Dells, HPs, etc. getting throw out of windows of offices and homes)

    Then show an iMac or Mac mini running Boot Camp, launching into Windows. Add a few other clever phrases, bring up the Apple logo and a Buy Now button, and watch the AppleNation rise.

  2. I just let firends and family use mine for a bit. After a month, I ask for it back, invariably getting the “could you help me buy one?” request.

    Works like a charm.

  3. How I got a diehard PC user to switch to a Mac

    by James Caplice

    James: “Your going to use a Mac from now on”

    PC User: “Hell no!, I can’t use AutoCAD which I need for work and all the best 3D games are on Windows, forget it”

    James: *breaks PC Users legs and replaces PC with a Mac*

    PC User: “Ok dude, you win” *sniffle*

  4. This one is my personal favorite and it put into words what I have found hard to express to people why I ultimately switched all of my home computers to Macs and moved my work laptop and windows programs off my network. Saying I had a headache all of the time just didn’t cut it.

    Björn Andersson

    The most significant difference between macs and pcs lies in your head: A mac offloads your brains cpu while a pc makes your brain-fans speed up to a maximum.

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