iBooks to be rebranded ‘MacBook’ upon release as soon as this month

“It’s almost official — Apple Computer will re-brand its iBook consumer notebooks under the ‘MacBook’ moniker when it releases new models based on Intel Corp.’s Core Duo processors later this month,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “The new portables, targeted at the consumer and education markets, will represent the most redesigned notebooks to emerge from Apple’s famed industrial design studios in several years, sources have said. True to speculation and hints offered by the company through recent trademark filings, Apple will call the notebooks MacBooks rather than iBooks. Well-placed sources say the company has already started to prepare marketing materials that bear the MacBook product name.”

“Each MacBook is expected to pack at least a 1.67GHz Core Duo chip. The notebooks will be available in several configurations, each built around a vibrant 13-inch widescreen display. Like Apple’s MacBook Pro professional notebooks, the new consumer MacBooks are expected to sport a built-in iSight video camera, a MagSafe power adaptor and come bundled with Apple’s Front Row and Photo Booth software applications… Alongside the MacBook, Apple is also expected to unveil its flagship 17-inch MacBook Pro professional notebook, which has also recently been finalized,” Jade reports.

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“Apple has begun manufacturing its new MacBook and should have the laptop in consumer hands in the next 30-60 days, sources report. The MacBook—and it will indeed be called the MacBook, sources have confirmed, as Apple will be dropping the iBook moniker—is being built exclusively around a 13.3-inch widescreen display with a 1280×720 WXGA resolution, as previously reported,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

MacDailyNews Note: “iBook” to become “MacBook?” You read it here first: RUMOR: Apple iBook to become ‘MacBook’ while ‘MacBook Pro’ will offer more screen size choices soon – January 11, 2006. Oh yeah, we call first dibs on the 17-inch MacBook Pro!

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  1. NO,

    You’re obviously assuming that they’re going to be less attractive than the current offerings. Why do you think that’s the case? Wait till you see one first, then if you think it’s ugly then feel free to send Steve a nasty email.

  2. When bank of america said Sirius’ stock was priced to high, noone believed it, they drove the stock close to $8 and even predicted it would go above $10, fox news, jim kramer, everyone predicted sirius would pass $9 and $10.

    Right now, Sirius stock cant even seem to keep a steady $5 per share level and it is likely to go even lower.

    It had a bounce to above $5 only because the company came up with some more hype based news.

    So when you guys say Bank of america is stupid for downgrading Apple’s stock and raising concerns over it’s decreasing ipod demand and not enough mac switchers.. its not all that logical.

    Bank of america knows whats up. I have a feeling that Apple’s stock can come down to $51.95 soon, perhaps after the earnings release.

    By the way, if you noticed Apple is interested in talking about the 2nd quarter before they talk about the first quarter, clearly its a hint to those who are wise enough to get out while they can.

  3. it’s not gonna have a monitor. it will have hologram images projected in the air. the icons will be in 3D that you can manipulate with your fingers, move them around, stash inside folders, and toss in the trash basket.

  4. No Core Solo versions for the low end market? Apple needs to have a laptop in the $500-$750 range. The new MacBook will probably be at $1000-$1200 with the Core Duo (maybe even higher). The Pro line will handle the 15 and 17 inch notebooks. Having a Core Solo version will be more attractive to schools…unless they plan on the virtualization offered by the Duos…hmmm..

  5. All Macs, ALL Wide-Screen. Nice!

    Yeah, it’s too bad to see the iBook name go, as with the PowerBook name. Maybe they figure the “i” disease has spread far enough and it’s time to do something Different.

    Though, I like the names, it DOES make sense from an OS/brand point of view? A Mac is a Mac. Neither iBook, nor PowerBook says Mac to those not in the know.

    Oh well… we’ll all survive somehow….

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