Microsoft preps Windows-only ‘Monaco’ competitor to Apple’s GarageBand

“Microsoft isn’t blanching at competition from Apple’s Boot Camp. In fact, the software giant is aiming straight at Apple with a forthcoming music-making program for Windows Vista,” Mary Jo Foley writes for Publish. “Monaco would be very similar to Apple’s GarageBand application, but would be optimized to take advantage of Windows Vista and the Aero user interface.

“GarageBand is Apple’s MacOS application for amateur musicians. It comes with 1,000 pre-recorded sampled loops, and 50 sampled or synthesised instruments that can be played using a MIDI keyboard connected to the computer, or using an on-screen keyboard,” Foley explains. “Monaco will be aimed at the same audience, sources said, and will be positioned in the same way – except that it will work on Windows only. Microsoft also is expected to play up Monaco’s use of Microsoft-devised search algorithms for finding particular music clips.”

“It’s not clear whether Microsoft is considering bundling Monaco with Vista,” Foley writes.

Full article here.

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  1. “Microsoft Windows Butt Monkey Lemming Fan Boys”

    That is PRICELESS! My mental image is hysterical. I picture little red monkey fez hats, lederhosen, and Groucho glasses for secure anonymity.

    I’m almost snorted soup through my nose. Thanks for the laugh!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Or MS could bundle it with an antivirus package that runs in the background and also sends your music compositions to the RIAA automagically to check for copyright infringement. The DRM of the future!

    They’ll call it Band Aid.

  3. That’s just further proof that a Mac can do everything a WinPC can do.

    Of course, the Mac does it first… and better… and easier…

    52 days without a reboot (damn software update ruined my streak.)

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