Should Apple just go all the way and license Mac OS X to Dell, HP, Lenovo, others?

“Dual-boot machines are still clunky, but portend an interesting future in which virtualization frees applications from operating systems. Now that Apple has rescinded its past distaste of all things Windows and is allowing the Macintosh to share space (albeit a walled-off one) with Windows, shouldn’t the company just go all the way? All the way would be licensing Dell, HP and Lenovo to run OS X on the Windows systems leaving their factories,” Eric Lundquist writes for eWeek. “The dual-boot system is really interesting more for what it portends than for what it is today.”

“And a lot of that portending is built around the idea of virtualization. Virtualization is a topic we have reported on quite a bit, including coverage of Dell’s chief technology officer talking about client virtualization and new products aimed at a more elegant solution to working with the Mac and Windows (and Linux, et al.) such as Parallels,” Lundquist writes. “In a truly virtualized computing environment, the application will rule. If an application requires extra-strength security or a specific operating system, the application will call for the operating system without regard to where the OS resides… In the virtual operating system world, users can work with the system that best fits them and their corporate needs rather than being handcuffed to a proprietary environment. And that is the most important message that Apple’s Boot Camp dual-operating system software delivers.”

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  1. This whole Mac thing is just getting too weird. The switch to Intel was very hard to take but that is nothing compared to Windows on Mac and Mac OS on Dells.

    Is all this a sign of the second coming?

    Can you hear me Jesus?

    I repent! When she said,”NO! STOP!” I should have listened.

    Please forgive me Jesus!

  2. People seem to forget that running Windows natively on a Mac was possible years ago with that dual-processor Performa.

    C’mon people it’s not the end of the world. The vast majority of users won’t run two OSes.

    Most two-OS users on a Mac will be those people who have to run a Windows only application such as AutoCAD.

    And i do think some curious Windows users will see this as an opportunity to see what this Mac thing is all about.

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