PC World installs Windows XP on a 20-Inch Apple iMac with Boot Camp

“It works. Impressively well. With games, even. That’s our first impression of Windows XP running under Apple’s Boot Camp on our 20-inch iMac. And that’s more than you could say a couple of days ago about the promising-but-hacked-together WinXPonMac effort,” Eric Dahl reports for PC World. “XP on a Mac is refreshing, but Microsoft’s idea of an “exciting new look” feels a little last century.Eager to get our hands on a real, dual-booting Apple/Windows hybrid, we ran the Boot Camp installer on a 20-inch iMac and found the process amazingly smooth. It took about an hour. Graphics drivers–the major remaining performance hurdle under WinXPonMac–were solid and responsive under limited testing on our iMac.”

“I got right down to business and installed a few games to put the graphics and sound support to the test. The quick and dirty verdict on performance? Most impressive. Doom 3 and Far Cry both ran smoothly with high-end graphics options turned on,” Dahl reports. “So far, working in Windows on the Intel-based iMac has come off without a hitch: If not for the slicker-looking hardware, I’d think I was working on a standard Windows PC with a wide-screen monitor. And that’s exactly what you’d want from a usable dual-boot system. Firefox downloaded and installed flawlessly, and iTunes streamed songs easily from other PCs on the network. Both wired and wireless networking seemed fine. Little things, like the eject key on the Mac’s keyboard worked without a hiccup. Even automatic driver updates downloaded and installed easily. All in all, Boot Camp looks like an impressive effort from Apple.”

More in the full article here.

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  1. The Mac has now become the ultimate tool for power users and alpha geeks everywhere.

    Which is why the “Apple is abandoning Mac OS X” meme is completely nonsensical because as soon as it becomes a Windows-only machine, it stops becoming the ultimate power tool.

    Windows, Linux, Mac OS X – the Mac can do it all!

  2. This is #$(_*@Y@^#*! amazing!!!

    How the hell could Apple have pulled this off seemingly so . . . flawlessly? In a Beta??

    I so CANNOT WAIT to get rid of the PC in our business office that we need merely to run Quickbooks. Replacing it and the Dual 500MHz G4 Mac sitting next to it with ONE beautiful iMac will be OHHHHH . . . SOOOOOOO . . . SWEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!

  3. I get de impression that, much like Leno, Gates doesn’t really care anymore. How much stinking money do you need? I mean, he doesn’t go in for de high-priced appointment-only poontang like yours truly, and I doubt he’s a coke-head, so really . . . what expenses does he have?

    Ballmer, on de other hand, he needs de bread for all de dry cleaning and fat-spa treatments. But like de scarecrow, he just doesn’t have a brain to work it through. Yeh-heh-hehesssss, even a simple primate can learn that donuts are delicious.

    De morons at Microsoft have become fat, lazy and stupid. Well, in Gates‘ case it’s just lazy and stupid. In Ballmer‘s case it’s . . . fatter and lazier.

    I have it on good authority [cough — his mother! — cough] that he was already at ‘maximum stupid’ right out of de womb.

  4. For all those out there that are saying this will mean the end of Mac OS X that is just bullshit, because as well as Mac NOW does Windows it does OS X better. Because it is a superior system/

    There is no frigging way that Apple will replace the Amazing OS X with an inferior, though more used system like Windows. It just isn’t going to happen. In the past 24 hours a lot of wankers have said different, but why the hell would Apple spend the last 10 years changing the system and hardware to a point where it is just so amazingly exciting and then give it all away and go back to the stone age with Windows as the status quo. AIN’T gunna happen.

    Thewe are greater palns from Mr. Jobs and Co. and this is just the perfect start. How often do you hear of a Beta product working so well……… NEVER.

    Go Apple.

  5. Chunky:

    Why do you have a Windows based PC to run Quickbooks? Current iteration Quickbooks had been back on the Mac for quite a while now … and even the payroll add on works acceptably well (though I could not have said this even 3 years ago).

    If your only reason for running Windows is Quickbooks, switch to Mac OS X and move on.

    On a diffetent note:
    I’m hoping to test Analytical Graphics STK software under this soon.

  6. Hey Chunky Monkey – Before you plop a few bills on a copy of XP to run on Mac, check out the newest version of Quickbooks for the Mac. It is very impressive. We have been using QB since the early 90’s, all on Macs. Then they stopped supporting the Mac. Those were dark days indeed. When we needed to upgrade we bought a Dell and the PC version of QB. That’s ALL we run on it for fear of viruses, malware etc. I just upgraded this year to QB for the Mac and it is AWESOME! All rewritten and very Mac like. From what I read and see from Intuit, I do believe they are dedicated to the Mac platform. Give it a try before you decide to put Windoz on your perfectly good Mac.

  7. If you listen off in the distance you will hear soft sobbing with a hint of icing on the air!

    And krispy kream is going to go out of buisness with Michael Dell going to go banktupt. Ha ha ha!!!

  8. Just read an article from Mr. Langburg on Mac News World and he pre supposes that everyone wants to run Windows. Don’t these wankers get it? The whole purpose of this is slow attrition and assimilation to the Mac OS.

    Jeees, everyone has this fixation on Windows, WHY, it is an inferior mass produced piece of shit product to appease the masses.

    Cfuk windoze and all it represents.

    Mac OS will be king within 3-5 years and control the computing world within 10-15 years. Jobs has a mission and it is redeem his original plan from ’75 that was taken from him by Gates and Co.

    Don’t get in the way….. you will be crushed.

    The big ball is rolling.

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