Analyst: Apple’s Boot Camp all about selling more Mac hardware

“Apple Computer Inc. surprised the tech world Wednesday with a program that gives Mac users the option of running Microsoft Corp.’s rival Windows XP operating system — and all the programs that work with it,” Todd Bishop reports for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “It was widely viewed as good news for Apple’s business. Shares of the Cupertino, Calif., company rose nearly 10 percent Wednesday amid speculation that more people will switch to Macs if they can keep using familiar Windows programs. ‘I think it’s tremendous,’ said Kevin Anderson, president and chief executive of Computer Stores Northwest Inc., an independent Apple reseller that owns The Mac Store chain. He predicted a boost in Mac sales, now a small fraction of the market.”

“Some analysts cited technical and logistical challenges that could limit the initial impact of the Apple program. But others said the move has the potential to shake up the personal-computer industry, by making Apple a more direct competitor to the likes of PC makers Hewlett-Packard and Dell,” Bishop reports. “For Apple, the decision is ‘all about selling more hardware,’ said Ted Schadler, a Forrester Research analyst. ‘It’s the psychological barrier,’ said Jupiter Research analyst Joe Wilcox. ‘There are people who might be interested in a Mac who wouldn’t have bought one because they’re afraid they might need Windows.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It may sell more hardware at first, but wait until Windows-only users get a real dose of Mac OS X and starting telling people about it.

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  1. Hey MDN, are you sure that will happen. Firstly the PC user has to upgrade to the new Mac and then install the win OS. The majority still believe through false advertising that Macs are elitist machines that cost double what a beige clunker costs. Most of them are scared of just thinking about a Mac, buying one with an installed OS, which scared them in the first place, and then instaqlling Windoze on top of that will add to the scaryness of the majority of the simple minded PC computer users out there.

    However if Apple Stores offered a service to help, by installing the Win OS for them then they might change… maybe.. Prices would have to change a little as well, even though the cdonverted know the are already equitable, the rest do not…

  2. It’s true – even if they buy their Mac just for using Windows, people will experience the joy of OS X at least once (and every time they forget to hold down the ‘alt’ key at startup)

  3. The bottom line is that the average PC user won’t be willing to shell out the extra money for a MAC when they can buy a $330 PC with all the trimmings. The additional cost of a Mac along with the extra $130 for a full copy of XP means that the average user just won’t care. The geeks will love it but Aplle’s move won’t have a huge impact on the computer industry.

  4. Oh, we’ll give our fashionistas their MacBooks, all right. Sans OS X, of course ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />. XP all the way, baby.

  5. > The bottom line is that the average PC user won’t be willing to shell out the extra money for a MAC when they can buy a $330 PC with all the trimmings. /<

    I assume that some of the mac resellers may be able to offer this service — sort of as if they were acting as Value-added Resellers. yeah. VARs, that’s it…..

  6. Apple should pre-sell with Windows XP and Mac OS X for the additional cost of the Windows license.

    OS X only price and OS X + Windows price for an extra $149 or so

    The only problem I see with the announcement is that Apple support will be flooded with all kinds of Windows calls. Even if they say that is not supported, someone has to handle the calls in a way that doesn’t tarnish the Apple name.

  7. This is just one small part of a bigger picture scenario that has taken 9 years to reach this point, with an estimated 17 years to complete. Although good for stock today, the final goal is further off. Think in terms of a chess tournament and not a checkers game. One move at a time. One game at a time. Tactical losses for tactical gains.

  8. Hmmmm. Windows on a Mac. Good idea or Bad?????

    Do I really care? Does the average person really care?

    Well, if a techno dude wants the cheapest box they can get so they can load it with all kinds of free software they will never use, — then I don’t think you will sell them a Mac.

    An IT manager looking for reasons to keep upper management totally in the dark about what he actually does….. I don’t think so.

    But the average user????? Again if they are looking for the cheapest thing they can get,—- NO.

    But look at the iPod buyer. They bought more…. for many reasons. And I think that is the person Apple is looking for. A person looking for style, ease of use, and great features. OH, and yes they do not have to care what software or requirements they get stuck with, a machine that will do both, no big deal. —– Sounds like a Mac buyer. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  9. This is a risky (gutsy) move on Apples part. They are betting that there are a whole bunch of PC users out there that are

    a) ready to upgrade
    b) tired of the crap that Winblows puts them through
    c) ready to try OS X
    D) but need a way to go back to windows without buying another computer if things don’t work out with their new Mac.

    Apple’s betting that if they just know that they can easily cross-grade to XP, these folks will buy a Mac and once they’ve started using it they won’t go back. They may never actually install XP or they might install it and use it now and then but will eventually stay on OS X. Just knowing that they can put XP on the Mac is likely enough to lure them into buying.

  10. Don’t Get Too Excited:

    You most certainly can not get a PC “with all the trimmings” for $330. I’ve just costed out a Dell E510 ‘multimedia pc’ that started at $679 – but without XP Professional, or virtually ANY software. It’s the “all the trimmings” part that isn’t right in your comment.

    Do a cost comparison yourself, between an iMac 17inch and the Dell E510, they both claim to be multimedia…. Apple was being truthful, Dell lied.

  11. “Apple should pre-sell with Windows XP and Mac OS X for the additional cost of the Windows license.”

    If Apple liscensed windows (brrrr!) Microshaft would have control over what was put on the Apple box. M$’s agreement forbids any OS other than thiers coming preinstalled. They freak over bare bones systems that came without M$. Remember when they asked the govt. to investgate and stop open source because it was communistic and unAmerican?

    Why pay M$ for thier OS when the customer can do it if they so desire. I would prefer the choice and I’m not excited about having Windows on all of my Macs. I want the Apple OS and software to win, but not if it means destroying itself in the process.

    It’s been a traumatic 9 years for older Mac users. Deal with the devil, er I mean Bill Gates, Death of the Mac OS to the unix OS. Intel on Macs, Boot Camp, Rosetta.

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