PC Mag wag: Is Boot Camp the end of Apple?

“Today Apple sanctioned a dual-boot Mac/Windows OS Mac, and gives end users the tools to create such a set up. Is this the beginning of the end of Apple? Perhaps, but as all this unfolds, I feel a little bit like Apple’s being consumed, via its own choice, by the Borg,” Lance Ulanoff writes for PC Magazine. “With today’s Bootcamp [sic] announcement, we have Apple giving in to an obvious demand. But company reps also made it dead-clear that while they’ve built this utility and made it super-simple to use, Apple has no interest in selling or supporting Windows. Right. They do not want Mac Mini [sic] users calling them up saying, ‘Windows isn’t running very smoothly on my Mac Mini [sic].’ That’s understandable. Why should Apple’s support techs get tied up in a Windows mess?”

“So Apple is simply acting as an enabler, stopping end users from jury-rigging a dual-boot system. But they’re not selling Windows. Until, well, they are. As the Borg were fond of saying, resistance is futile and, in truth, I think Apple has little interest in resisting. Two years from now, end users will probably have the option of buying OSX [sic] Macs or Windows Macs. This second official step in supporting the Windows OS (make no mistake, adopting the Intel CPU was the first) is a seeding phase,” Ulanoff writes. “Bootcamp [sic] marks the beginning of the end for Apple as the renegade for the design set and the beginning of Apple as a dominant player in the global desktop PC game. It will become absorbed. Remember, you heard it here first.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: First of all, it’s “Boot Camp” (for now), not “Bootcamp.” And it’s “Mac mini,” not “Mac Mini.” And it’s “Mac OS X,” not “OSX.” With those messes cleaned up, let’s look at the rest of Ulanoff’s mess. Apple has not poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Mac OS X in order to dump it in favor of an inferior copy of its own Mac operating system. Ulanoff is nuts if he thinks Steve Jobs wants his life’s work to end running Bill Gates’ Windows. Ulanoff seems to have no sense of the history between Apple and Microsoft, Jobs and Gates. Ulanoff’s ideas go against everything we know about Jobs. Apple has a 30+ year record of resisting.

We believe that Steve Jobs intends to take back the personal computing world from the mediocre (and worse) mess that Microsoft has created. PCs are not meant to be frustrating time-wasters. PCs are meant to allow the user to create things: paintings, spreadsheets, email messages, movies, calculations, poetry, and more. The Mac does it all better than Windows. It’s really no contest, as most of you reading this already know. And now the world can drag their Windows “insecurity blanket” along with them while they explore the better personal computing world that we Mac users already enjoy. If allowing Windows onto the Mac (temporarily, until people wake up) is what it’s going to take, then so be it. It’s time to put up or shut up. It’s Mac vs. Windows. Give them both a try. Go on, we dare you. We’re exceedingly confident – based on experience – that the vast majority who do try both Mac and Windows will pick the superior operating system and software platform. We bet that Apple is exceedingly confident, too.

You want to know what’s really going to happen? Windows-only users will finally find out the truth. Mac OS X won’t be an unknown or secret to them. They’ll experience the difference for themselves. Windows will be booted up less and less and Mac OS X will become for them what it already is for us: home. And then they’ll tell their friends and family members and coworkers and random people on the street. Remember, you heard it here first. How you like them Apples, Lance?

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  1. Gotta laugh at all the Windoze TOOLS that think this is some kind of surrender on the part of Apple.

    What better way to show all the clueless masses how CRAPTACULAR Windows really is compared to OSX?

    Let them use both on the same machine! In a couple of days, the Windows side will be clogged with Virus and Spyware, forcing most to abandon the BS for a “REAL” operating system.

  2. Yup, all these Windows folk who think they got it figured out will be eating humble pie when they understand the bigger picture. In fact, it’s one more thing Apple has made easier for their users. You don’t see MS writing any programs that would enable you to do this. In fact, Apple has actually made installing Windows easier than Microsoft would.

  3. Just save all those moronic comments in a bag, and re-release them in 3 years when apple’s market share is 10-12% and Microsloth has slipped further into quagmire.

    The vast majority of people dont even know what Windows is much less know what Apple does.

  4. (First off, I use and LOVE my Macs. I have a G3 icebook and a 1.25 PPC Mini. Let’s get that out of the way. )

    Nonsense, wait and see. MOST people are so used to Windows they won’t change. The average person is not going to buy a Mac just to try a Mac and dual boot to see which OS they like best. They can try out a Mac without buying one RIGHT NOW.

    It’s a cute idea that geeks will like but that’s about it.

  5. “God I hope this guy is dead wrong!” . . . of COURSE these rubes are wrong!

    Buying a Mac just to run Windows makes no sense. Why spend more on the hardware just to run Windows? This is designed to ease the worries of switchers and it’s going to work. A quick example, my father in law needs to run Quickbooks for Windows but I want him on a Mac so I don’t have to fix Windows every few months. Now it’s possible and easy.

    As for developers defecting to the Windows side. . .they always could have done that. The same software developers who did apps for the Mac before will continue because they already made a choice to support Macs, and the market is only going to grow now.

    Dvorak and this loser completely amaze me. There are obviously no qualifications to become a tech writer. Macs will NEVER be sold with Windows. If they sell Windows in any way they have to support it and nobody wants to do that. There is just no upside to that for Apple.

  6. MDN you got it wrong.
    Zillions of Windows users are not going to buy Macs then spend another few hundred for a copy of Windows to put on this high priced computer.

    It is going to be Apple owners that buy that copy of Windows and put it on their Apple to run games and whatever other software isn´t available on a Mac.
    And I would guess just as many will say, heck I might as well get a second Windows computer then muck up my Apple with a 2nd OS.

    But in either case it is going to be a tiny fraction of people.

    Very few people are moving from Windows to Mac; when Vista comes out there will be less of move – unless Vista just totally sucks and has serious problems.

    The big problem for Apple is the incentive not to make a mac version of software. Can you imagine Adobe offering a copy of Windows XP or Vista with each copy of Photoshop or Flash or…? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”gulp” style=”border:0;” /> The end of Mac version software.
    When I bought my first version of Virtual PC it came with a copy of Windows software to install.

  7. ishufflemyfeet,

    I have to agree with you in most part.

    Unless, ofcourse if Apple actually properly advertises Mac OS X and great hardware like it should. I hope Apple realizes that word of mouth and iPods isn’t enough to gain ground in the computer business. If they started advertising their computers like they’ve been doing for the iPod they probably could get double digit marketshare.

    I wonder what they’re waiting for… it seems like a good time to put some money into advertising now. As much as we tease Microsoft with its Vista OS, it WILL come. And unless Apple does their part in getting the word out soon it will be hard to gain any traction in the computer marketplace. Average joes who aren’t tech geeks have NO clue about Mac OS X’s inherent security nor it’s ease of use and other capabilities. (Most tech geeks don’t even seem to get it for that matter)

    If advertising was hardware Apple would be king.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments, MDN. Apple and Macs are definitely generating awareness among Windows users. This will only help.

    MDN word = “leave” (Gonna leave Windows behind!)

  9. In the last 5 years since I’ve jumped ship to the Mac platform, I’ve converted no less than 30 people to the Mac platform. (I’m not in the computer business). They, in turn, have convinced (by their own personal experience with the Mac and OS X) their own family members and friends to “switch.”

    Once “critical mass” is reached, there’s no turning back!

    MDN word = “doubt” (No DOUBT about it!)

  10. PC owners are saying to themselves why would I buy a Mac to run what I already have?

    This dual-boot thing is for the few people that already own a Mac and want Windows for games and whatever.

    XP runs fine – heck even Apple is now endorsing it to run on Apple computers.

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