Mossberg tests Apple’s Boot Camp: Windows runs ‘blazingly fast,’ Windows apps run ‘flawlessly’

The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg has tested Apple’s new Boot Camp public beta. Mossberg writes that after installing Boot Camp and Windows XP on an Intel-based iMac, Windows ran “blazingly fast,” and all of the Windows applications he tested ran “flawlessly.”

The install time (installing Boot Camp itself plus the Windows installer) came in at 57 minutes, 17 minutes for the Boot Camp install and 40 minutes for Windows XP.

Mossberg did find a few issues – it is a public beta after all – including having to do a clock reset every time Windows is booted (the Mac’s system clock not recognized by Windows). Mossberg also found that he was not able to use Apple’s iSight camera, as Apple points out in their Boot Camp documentation.

Mossberg concludes, “Whether you want to run Mac or Windows programs, an Apple computer may be the only computer you’ll need.”

Full article here.

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  1. I thought this booting XP would be a bad thing and figured Apple had gone mad. The logic I’m reasoning I’m using is that Apple can prevent a anti-trust lawsuit this way. I’m thinking Apple must have something up its sleeve to think this far ahead.

  2. This can’t be bad for Apple. Mac users will still buy Macs, of course. Now Windows users who would love to use Apple’s iLife suite or try OS X can simplly buy a Mac and install the Windows that they already own (or buy a new one, whatever is legal – nudge, nudge, wink, wink). More hardware sales for Apple means more revenue and a larger market share more quickly.

    As people experience Mac OS X, they stop using Windows unless they have to. After all, they can’t just switch to Windows, you have to restart (not that Windows users mind doing that – they use Windows, after all). But it’s a hassle to be avoided if at all possible. So they stay in OS X most of the time, and eventually become Mac users.

  3. TO:
    Michael Dull


    Dear Michael,

    Please sell your pathetic company and give the money back to the stockholders.
    It’s over.


    PS – Happy Anniversary from Cupertino! LMAO

  4. I have to say, working all day on a piece of sh*t dell with XP, it’s like a vacation to come home at night and use my PowerBook with OS X.

    If given the choice between the two operating systems, if the user actually gets in and tests both of them, there is no way OS X can lose.

  5. Isn’t this where Apple, having joined that PC speed test group thingy, show how much quicker Windows runs on Apple hardware that it does on Dulls?!?

    They smoke the opposition, sell millions more Macs, and convert users to the Mac experience too boot.

    Though I still think running PC apps WITHOUT having to install Windows is the Holy Grail…

  6. All I have to say is…I called a Qwest rep once while I was rebooting my Mac (he heard the start up sound). He said “At least you get to use a Mac”(this is while I was at work). Followed by a diatribe about how he loves Apple…Apple/Mac is the future.

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