Global digital music sales tripled in 2005 thanks to Apple’s iTunes Music Store

“Global sales of digital music are continuing to rise, generating revenues of $1.1 billion US for record companies last year and softening an overall slump in music sales, the industry said Friday,” The Associated Press reports. “The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, or IFPI, said that revenues from digital sales almost tripled from $400 million in 2004. The total number of digital single tracks downloaded online or to mobile phones rose to 470 million units, up from 160 million.”

“However, overall music sales continued their decline of recent years, dropping another three per cent in 2005, largely due to a 6.7 per cent drop in the value of CD purchases,” AP reports. “Single-song downloads dominated global online sales, accounting for 86 per cent of purchases. Apple Computer Inc.’s ITunes Music Store remains the market leader. ‘When you can buy just the songs you like in a digital format, you don’t have to buy the album,’ said Phil Leigh of Inside Digital Media, a U.S. market research firm.”

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  1. “When you can buy just the songs you like in a digital format, you don’t have to buy the rest of the truly wretched garbage and aural phlegm on the ‘album’ that utterly makes you want to puke,” said Average Joe Consumer, the ultimate decision-maker as to what is and isn’t valuable.

  2. I see that someone else has already commented on this quote from the article, ‘When you can buy just the songs you like in a digital format, you don’t have to buy the album,’ said Phil Leigh of Inside Digital Media, a U.S. market research firm.”

    May I add that all of the music industry’s problems can be traced back to this single issue. For every one song they produce, that people desire to buy, they produce another 14 that people don’t want.

    Artists and industry execs aren’t going to make the same profits in the future, as they have in the past, because they can’t force the consumer to buy 14 crap songs ($15.00), in order to get one ($.99).

  3. Please take this as it is intended – I am NOT MacDude or his lawyer.

    I’ve got to say something in his defense: Lots of MacDude haters here – fine, but, personally I don’t have a problem with him. Why? Because, although he does go on tirades quite a bit, he does post some interesting information. Like the link to the story about OS X machines being used in BotNets. I want to know about things like that, and although it wasn’t a threat to the average user, I only found that out after READING the article HE linked to. Now, posting the link to the page that crashed Safari was not cool – he should have warned people before hand. But, quite a few times he has posted links to relevant info. You can hate him all you want – I’m not stopping you. But if you don’t like what he has to say, then just simply don’t respond. It’s that simple. I’d much prefer to sift through his posts to get to the relative info he has to say than to have to sift through 20 “MacDude go away” posts anyday. If you’re sick and tired of MacDude then simply ignore him. The little gems he does post are well worth it to me.

    This isn’t a kissy-kissy let’s all make-up with MacDude post. Continue to hate him if you wish. And if you do hate him then don’t waste time posting about it (unless of course you are counter arguing something he has said).

    I did not write this in a self-righteous manner and I DO NOT intend it that way. Flame all you want – I neither know MacDude personally and for cryin’ out loud I am NOT MacDude either.

  4. To J:
    Actually, sells songs by track, sorta. You pay X amount per month and they give you a number of tracks to download (40 tracks for $10, 65 for $15, and 90 for $20). You can get booster packs if you run out. The songs are in mp3 format and at a higher bitrate than iTunes. It’s a good alternative if you like searching for great music instead of eating spoonfuls of what MTV and radio feed you. In other words, they only have independent labels (personally I actually find that to be a good garbage filter).

    If I can’t find an artist there, then I hit up iTunes.

  5. “generating revenues of $1.1 billion US for record companies last year”

    Wow, if those goddamn hippies at Apple (I don’t know whether it’s Corp or Computer that sells the songs because I can’t tell the difference between a granny smith apple and a design apple with a bite in it) would allow the record companies to have higher, er, “more creative” prices, that number would be higher!

    goddamn hippies…

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