20 great moments in Apple Computer history

“Like any good Silicon Valley success story, the tale of Apple Computer begins in a garage,” David M. Ewalt writes for Forbes. “This particular home–in Los Altos, Calif.–belonged to the parents of Steve Jobs, a 21-year-old college dropout, and was frequently visited by two of his friends, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Jobs and Wozniak had built a kit for a pre-assembled computer circuit board, and roped in Wayne, a draftsman, to design a logo and write a manual. The computer was called the Apple I, and on April 1, 1976, Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne founded Apple Computer in order to market and sell it.”

Ewalt covers the history and wrtes, “Despite these successes, three decades after its founding and 22 years after it introduced the Macintosh, Apple remains the underdog in a personal computer world dominated by Microsoft . But innovations like the iPod and a new partnership with chipmaker Intel promise to keep the company vital and relevant. Does Apple have another 30 years in it? Maybe not. But as long as Steve Jobs remains at the helm, it’s a sure bet that the company will continue to shock, surprise and intrigue.”

Full article and an illustrated piece, “20 Greatest Moments In Apple History” here.

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  1. Actually, the “gasp and boos” were not when Bill Gates spoke to the audience about the partnership. The audience was actually somewhat cordial to the whole notion of ending the competition against Windows and trying to save Apple.

    The hysterical boos happened just before, when sjobs announced that Internet Explorer would ship on all macs, instead of Netscape. You could’ve started a riot after that announcement.

  2. Does Apple have another 30 years in it? Maybe not.

    Does MicroDoze have another 30 years too? may be not. They are stagnant now. They can innovate anymore. They can only copy!!!! Dead end! Their next upgrade after Vista will happen only another 7 years! Ideas all run out. Only way to improve is to wait and see on Apple!

    Origami is a flop. Failure product.!!

    And they reliase it. So inorder to keep the com[any alive is to keep dancing and shouting: Developer Developer Developer Developer DeveloperDeveloper DeveloperDeveloper DeveloperDeveloper Developer……………….I Love This Company!!!!(WHich they are going to fire him anyway)

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