Bluetooth set for speed leap

“The Bluetooth wireless standard used in cell phones and other small devices will take a leap in transmission speed, broadening its scope to enable high-definition video and files for digital music players like the iPod,” The Associated Press reports. “The industry group behind Bluetooth said Tuesday that it would boost transfer speeds in the next few years by incorporating a new radio technology, known as ultra-wideband, or UWB.”

“Currently, Bluetooth works only for low-speed uses like headsets and wireless keyboards. UWB, which has yet to appear in consumer devices, enables wireless transmissions at speeds equivalent to USB or FireWire cables at distances up to 10 feet,” AP reports. “The first products with high-speed Bluetooth may show up late next year, with wider availability in 2008, said Michael Foley, executive director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.”

Full article here.

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  1. Look ma, no wires! Yeh-heh-hehessssss . . . now we all can experience occasional data corruption — WIRELESSLY!!!

    Hey, come onnnn, I keed. It’s what I do.

    No, seriously — don’t get me wrong. I love anything that lets me keep in touch with my bitches wirelessly and at high speeds. And I love comparing it to FireWire. Which was kind of a risky name, come to think of it. I mean, ‘fire’ and ‘wire’ — not exactly two words you usually want to associate with each other. Brings to mind all sorts of disasters. Kind of like ‘Leno’ and ‘talk show’. Or ‘Ballmer’ and ‘CEO’. But hey, you have to hand it to Apple with de naming choices — they’re ballsy.

    Like yours truly.

    ‘Course, Microsoft was a risky name, too, and look how that turned out.

    Yeh-heh-hehesssss, ‘micro . . . soft’.

    I mean, talk about something that requires you to suck.

  2. “UWB, which has yet to appear in consumer devices…”

    If anybody is going to take that technology to market and popularize it, Apple’s the ONLY company that can do it… as it did with color monitors, standard 3.5 floppies, cdrom drives, dvd drives… etc.

    Maybe this will show up in the rev. B or maybe C or MacBook Pro?

  3. Bad, very bad.

    Wires provide some sheilding from electronic snoops as wireless does not.

    Even if your stuff is encrypted, your not going to lose substancial amount of time with a heavy encryption.

    Wireless is evil.

    Apple cultists are evil.

  4. I use bluetooth between my powerbook and Nokia cell phone to connect to the Internet. My friends are amazed when all of a sudden I’m on the web riding down the highway.

    In some hotels I set the phone over by the window to get a good outside connection, then surf from the bed across the room with no wires to the laptop.

    With the rumors about Apple cell phones it struck me that they could make a device that gets onto WiFi (like Verizon or T-Mobile G3) using VOIP over the data network, this would give Apple a wireless phone without the conventional cell phone parts, plus such a device would already be logged in so it could seamlessly jump between voice and data without switching technologies.

  5. “If anybody is going to take that technology to market and popularize it, Apple’s the ONLY company that can do it… as it did with color monitors……”

    Cosmo – not flaming, BUT, Apple did not popularize the color monitor………

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