Barron’s lists Apple’s Steve Jobs among ‘World’s Best CEOs’

“Just as New York kids in the 1950s used to argue about who was the best centerfielder in town, many investors today have strong opinions about the best CEOs in the world,” Andrew Bary writes for Barron’s Online. “We’re taking a cut at the CEO debate for the second straight year by identifying 30 top corporate leaders from around the world. Our list includes 20 from the U.S. and 10 from abroad. Call it a Barron’s hall of fame. Admission to Cooperstown is based on the subjective judgment of baseball writers, and entry to our shrine reflects the assessment of Barron’s editors and reporters.”

“The CEO list, however, isn’t arbitrary. We looked at profit growth during a CEO’s tenure and stock-price gains. We also assessed less tangible factors, like leadership strength and industry stature. We sought CEOs who’ve made a difference to their organizations and who would be missed by investors if they departed. To qualify, the CEOs needed to be on the job for three years. We talked to investors and relied on the knowledge of our staff,” Bary writes.

Among the CEOs listed is Steven P. Jobs, Apple Computer, CEO.

“Why: Dazzling techdom on two fronts. Steve Jobs is more than the CEO of two hugely influential companies: He’s an outright legend. No single person in Silicon Valley more fascinates the investing public. No tech CEO alive is more closely scrutinized,” Eric J. Savitz writes. “Since co-founding Apple in the mid-1970s, Jobs fundamentally changed the computer business with the Mac. Then he remade the music business with the iPod. His deals to sell video content through Apple’s iTunes music store for viewing on iPods have triggered many imitators. At Pixar, Jobs revolutionized animation. When Disney’s pending deal for Pixar closes, Jobs becomes Disney’s top shareholder. Apple shares have wobbled lately, but fans eagerly await Jobs’ next new thing. Apple mobile phones? Apple TVs? Don’t rule it out.”

Full article here.

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  1. Typical cultish fodder.

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Writer: “What do you want me to write about?”

    Editor: “We need three “praise Apple or Steve Jobs sotries a week”

    Writer: “So I fly out to Cupertino for a interview?”

    Editor: “Hell NO! What kind of budget do you think were running here? Just look through the millions of previous stories and clobber something together. Or plagerize someone elses copy it’s all the same, nobdy will call you on it”

    Writer: “Ok, your signing the check”

    Editor: “Damm right I do, talk to RJ in advertising and see if Apple will spend some money on ads this week, then really hype it up.”

    True Story.

  2. Of course he is highly rated.

    Let’s an American CEO that does not play the accounting trick of selling/spinning off parts of the company to show false profits (a la GM). How many of those are there in the tech industry? 20, maybe?

    He deserves the kudos.

  3. Stuff about my life you rather not know.

    1: Am a vegan

    2: Sleep on the floor

    3: Smoke dope, briefly

    4: Not alot of furniture in my house (soon to be demolished of course)

    5: Had a altercation with a early Apple employee who went nutz and broke all the windows in my house.

    6: My kids get picked on in school

    7: I let my orchad die.

    8: I really only bankrolled Pixar, John Lassater runs the whole show.

    9: Longtime Apple/NeXT employees are cashing out their stocks and leaving.

    10: I sold half my stocks in Apple yesterday.

    11: MacDude used to work for me.

    12: I’m getting too old, Windows won and I’m trying to transition Apple to be just another PC vendor before I die.

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