for Canadian Mac OS X users now available

Michael Edwards, CEO of HealthWare Corporation and founder of HealthCare Communications, the original developer of DentalMac, announced today that is now available for Canadian dental providers. includes the following:
• The easiest transition from DentalMac of any software available today. IDental is also the easiest OS X dental software to learn. DentalMac users can operate iDental right “out of the box”.
• Interactive reporting, which provides drill-down detail not found in other systems.
• SmartScheduling–the easiest scheduling and most powerful appointment software available.
• And, as always, the highest quality technical support in the business, which now includes one hour of free remote training, for new staff members or as a brush-up for existing staff, and the Support Switcher Plan for those offices using another company’s support.
• iDental is the only Mac-based health care application in the world that utilizes Caché, the multi-dimensional database used by the top ten hospitals in the U.S. for their mission-critical data.

Support for iTrans, Canada’s electronic insurance claims service is in development and will be available in the second half of the year.

“Now, Mac dentists in Canada no longer need to feel like they’ve been left behind. iDental’s documented ease of use is now available for all of North America. We are extremely proud to continue to be the easiest way for DentalMac users to move to OS X,” Edwards stated in the press release. “Changing software programs can be a daunting task for an office and its staff. iDental makes the changeover easy with its familiarity for DentalMac users, elegant interface, and powerful features. Our design philosophy for iDental has been to make sure the basics are there and work well before we add bells and whistles that may or may not be used by the office.”

More info:

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    I can get back to my hobby of home dentistry, and do it just like the pro’s

    well, you know, except for the pain meds and the proper tools. but you would be amazed what you can do with a sawzall and a pair of vise grips!

    Dr. T

  2. It may seem like a slow news day, but these small specialty programs are probably a big reason why people aren’t switching their small offices over to Mac. The more we see small specialty programs being moved to Mac, the better.

    MDN- although they will only be used by a small number of people, I’d still encourage the mentioning of these programs on your site.

  3. Great! Anybody know of a solution for a mobile repair shop. Maybe a Filemaker Pro POS template varient. Something that intigrates with Ical & Address Book for customers and scheduling. Parts, Labor, inventory applicable taxes etc.

    Any thoughts?

  4. This is *huge*. I was just talking to my orthodontist about this very issue the other day. He (and other doctors obviously) are literally locked in to using Windows for medical software. I’m emailing him this link. He’s going to love to have an excuse to get a few iMacs into the practice, and a powermac with a 30″ Cinema display on his desk. =)

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