Apple releases Security Update 2006-002

Apple today released Security Update 2006-002 via Software Update which is recommended for all users and improves the reliability and security of the following components:

• apache_mod_php
• CoreTypes
• LaunchServices
• Mail
• Safari
• rsync

Additionally, this update incorporates Security Update 2006-001, which improves the security of the following components:

• apache_mod_php
• automount
• Bom
• Directory Services
• iChat
• IPSec
• LaunchServices
• LibSystem
• loginwindow
• Mail
• rsync
• Safari
• Syndication

For detailed information on this Update:

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  1. The statement “improves the reliability and security of the following components” is a little misleading, because if you read the detailed info on Apple’s website about this update, several of the items are just fixes for things that were broken in the 2006-001 security update.

  2. This patch includes new patches and also patches the patches released in the last patch two weeks ago.

    Starting to sound like the MDN take on Microsoft, no?

    Let the flaming commence, sponsored by Chili’s.


  3. Hey “devnull”:

    “This patch includes new patches and also patches the patches released in the last patch two weeks ago.”

    That would be funny if it were even remotely true.

    Unlike M$, Apple proactively releases security updates — before the horses are all out of the barn.

    M$ is in constant reaction mode. The attacks are widespread and the losses have already begun to mount before the M$ patch patching patches are available.

    Don’t consider this a flame. But for sarcasm to work, there has to be a grain of truth to it.

  4. Yeah my uptime record is getting worse because this update is so soon after the last one. I don’t expect to reboot for weeks and weeks – not every other week…!

    …if only WinBox users had a clue of how beautiful it is to use OSX.

  5. This update is makes Saft incompatible, and one needs to delete the Saft bundle to effectively fix the problem, which is that Safari will fail to boot, and need to be force-quit. This is the only problem I’ve encountered, and the only problem I’ve heard from others.

  6. “Humor not your strength”: Ummm, what devnull said is literally true. Read Apple’s info about this update. It is a patch, proactive or not, and it is also a patch of a patch. Those are just facts. Whether funny or not is up to you.

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