High-pitched whine reported by some MacBook Pro users

“There seem to be quite a few owners of the new laptop with complaints over a high pitched noise emanating from their machines. Our own Dan Pourhadi had a whine on his new MacBook Pro, even though it may not be the whine being heavily discussed on Digg today. Dan seems to have solved his whine by disabling the second core of his processor (described in Update 3 on his post),” Fabienne Serriere writes for TUAW. “Some Apple users on the Digg thread and the Apple Discussions thread seem to think this may be repairable in firmware by Apple at a later date.”

“I am by no means dissing Apple (or the Digg crowd) with this post, but simply would like to remind everyone about early adopter syndrome. The first revision of a new hardware platform or change in manufacturing is bound to engender certain flaws or bugs,” Serriere writes. “This current flare in comments on Digg and the Apple Forums doesn’t mean that all MacBook Pros will be affected by this noise, and certainly does not mean that people shouldn’t be entitled to a worry-free machine when purchasing a Mac… This current flare in comments on Digg and the Apple Forums doesn’t mean that all MacBook Pros will be affected by this noise, and certainly does not mean that people shouldn’t be entitled to a worry-free machine when purchasing a Mac.”

MacInTouch, as usual, is an excellent resource and has some reader experiences here.

MacDailyNews Take: Read the users’ comments on MacInTouch with the knowledge that many of them are writing while upset; some aren’t upset at all as their MacBook Pro units are working perfectly. Yes, it would be nice if everything was perfect, but that’s rarely, if ever, the case with a whole new model of anything, especially something as complex as a computer. Obviously, if you’ve just sunk a wad of cash into a new MacBook Pro, you would be upset if it wasn’t perfect. If it started emanating a high-pitched whine, well, that would send anybody over the top. Apple will hopefully be able to fix this with a firmware update as soon as possible. Surely, the company is aware of the issue and working on a solution as you read this.

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  1. I can’t speak to any possible MacBook Pro issues since I don’t own one, but my Rev. A iMac Core Duo has worked perfectly from day one with no issues whatsoever. So the “Revision A” stereotype isn’t always true.

  2. My PowerBook G4 is awesome. My best friend, it goes everywhere with me, still looks like new and is fast enough for my needs.

    Alright alright, I’d kill for a MacBook, but I can wait ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Ray –

    You beat me to the punch. Though I was going to suggest that the noise might be the Mac zealots being oscillated back and forth between the annoying whine of disappointment (HiFi) and the annoying whine of rumormongering (April 1st coming up).

    Yours is good, too.

  4. My 12″ AlBook would whine when I ran a specific app. I can’t remember which app it was, but it had nothing to do with the audio subsystem. So this sort of thing is not that particularly unique to the MacBook Pro. I’d be interested to know how a CPU chip could be made to make this sort of whine…

  5. My display brightness causes buzzes near F11 and at the left speaker there is usally a hiss, eeee or bzzz noise 🙁

    Other than that the MBP totally rules! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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