Apple lawyers move to stop ‘Front Row Enabler’

“I received via email yesterday a request from Apple Legal to essentially remove any Front Row related postings and files,” Andrew Escobar, developer of “Front Row Enabler” writes in his blog. The free application allowed users to install Apple’s Front Row application on an Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.5 or above.

[…] Your use of Apple’s trademarks and copyrighted materials violates Apple’s intellectual property rights, which Apple has an affirmative obligation to protect.

Apple therefore must insist that you cease use of Apple’s trademarks and copyrighted images and that you stop offering the unauthorized downloads of Apple’s Front Row software. […]

Escobar writes, “I obviously am complying because I support Apple’s right to defend its intellectual property [and] I don’t want this to escalate any further.”

More info here.

MacDailyNews Note: Front Row Enabler is still available via MacUpdate here.

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  1. not a virus, and id apple want to stop this they know what to do, stop trying to force us into upgrading and release front row, the worst thing that will happen is theyll make money selling it, DUH

  2. Wealthy Industrialite –

    You need to RETURN to the Apple store where you may purchase Front Row for $599. It includes a free Mac Mini with Intel Solo as a thank you for not pirating the copywrited software.

  3. it worked well when i tried it, frontrow isn’t of much use though.
    1: it doesn’t play divx/xvid.
    2: when you have a couple of thousand artists in iTunes it takes AGES to scroll to the one you want.

  4. the version which leaked ages ago still works reasonably well on my PB 1.25. For some reason it will no longer access the online movie trailers though.

    I would enjoy having the Bonjour features, especially at the university.

  5. Front Row Enabler didn’t work on my 1.5 Powerbook. Since you can’t undo the changes it makes to your system, you have to reinstall the latest combo updater. It’s not a virus and you don’t have to reinstall your system. The author gave very clear and detailed instructions on how to install and revert if the install did not work.

    Too bad Apple doesn’t want us to run this software on our computers unless it’s pre-installed. If anything, it’s great eye candy to make windows users jealous.

  6. I agree with Andy. They need to sell front row. They could (should already have done it) have a software package with remote and usb receiver for existing Macs. They could charge $99 for it and make a boatload.

  7. He should rename his utility.

    The way I read it, Apple complains about his use of words ‘Apple’ and ‘Front Row’, not what his utility does.

    FREnabler perhaps? This will shut them up. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  8. I don’t think Apple was too upset with people trying, but the sad fact is that if you want to keep your proprietary rights to something you have to defend it. That includes sending out the letter it did. Reread the letter and you can see that Apple was explaining why it sent the letter – not really a ball breaking letter.

    Maybe 10.5 will include Front Row for all of us that bought Macs before it came out. That gives us a version that works and doesn’t require an install.

  9. I don’t blam Apple with this one. I was surprised that the author of the blog was so obvious about it in the first place.

    Plus, something as integrated as Front Row makes me want to havea legit copy.

  10. “it worked well when i tried it, frontrow isn’t of much use though.
    1: it doesn’t play divx/xvid.”
    – Emil

    I don’t have Front Row so this may be incorrect, but as I understand it, it interfaces with iLife components which in turns relies on QuickTime. Just download the DiVX plug-in for QuickTime and you should be able to watch 3iVX/DiVX/XViD files.

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