Apple to hire 3,000 for massive technical support facility in Bangalore by 2007

“For once, it is not thinking different. Like its fellow global technology majors, Apple Computer too has decided to set up a massive technical support centre in India,” John Sujit reports for The Economic Times. “Sources say Apple will hire as many as 1,500 people by the end of this year, and have a total of 3,000 employees by the end of 2007 in its Bangalore facility.”

“A state government official said the government had cleared Apple’s proposal to invest in Bangalore. ‘But they are yet to reveal the extent of investment or the total employment. They should be starting operations within the next two months,’ the official said. Sources say the decision to set up the facility in Bangalore was taken after a rigorous examination of seven cities in India… It is not clear yet whether Apple’s India centre will result in job losses in its Cupertino facility.,” Sujit reports.

Full article here.

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  1. While it’s tough for a company (paying $60K+ per year for an employee) to ignor reducing that cost to only $10K per year by setting up support staff (on very long phone extension cords) in India or Phillipines, it doesn’t make it less of a bummer for us Americans.

    If Apple would come up with support plans manned by Americans in America speaking clear English I’d be much more agreeable to paying for a yearly support plan like ProCare (as in Pro American).

  2. I was on the phone with applecare last night, 3 different people, all 3 were indian, even the recorded voice with the wait time had an accent.

    The tech suport helping me on the phone, got angy and frustrated with me becuase i couldnt understand some of the things they were saying.

    After 3 techs, and a lot of frustration on both ends, my problem still exists, (fan on my new intel mini runs all the time).

    I don’t think this is a good move on apples part.
    I have been an apple user for about 10 years, and have always raved about
    applecare, switching dozens of PC users to mac. now what do i tell them?
    great computer, amazing OS, but dont call them for help?

  3. “If Apple would come up with support plans manned by Americans in America speaking clear English I’d be much more agreeable to paying for a yearly support plan like ProCare (as in Pro American).”

    Anyone else spot the flaw here?

  4. This is a VERY bad move on Apple’s behalf. Have they not listened to all the complaints from dell customers etc about indian call centers? I was hoping that Apple would be smart enough to give india a miss, but sadly this is not so.
    One less differentiation factor between pcs and macs…

  5. I wonder how this would impact the quality of support. Two words – Genius Bar although that doesn’t help if you need help right away.

    I have been involved in outsourcing software projects to other countries where I used to work and I can tell you that the savings are too significant too ingore.

    If people in the US would stop smoking and eating too much fast food companies wouldn’t have to do this.

  6. Gee Rob, I own the Sydney harbour bridge and want to sell it. Are you willing to buy? W said it was OK to sell to you because you are a good guy. Going cheap at 2Mill and I’ll throw in a few Kangaroos for the kids.


  7. Apple needs to support customers all over the world and in all time zones, we don’t know which customers these workers will be offering support to. I haven’t seen any report which states that support for American users will be handled from India. Apple have made no comment, so you can only guess whether these jobs would displace existing jobs, or whether they would be in addition to those jobs, offering support elsewhere in the world.

    However, I don’t suppose that will stop people from dragging this thread down into a mindless exhibition of racist bigotry.

  8. I really don’t care where the support center is as long as they speak without thick accents. I had to call IBM support at work and got a woman in Atlanta who was Indian. So its really about the speaking quality of the person. If they are Indian, fine. But they better speak good English.

  9. Oh no! Another tech support line whose only experience of western culture is watching reruns of BBC TVs cockney soap Eastenders:


    “Ello. Apple support. ‘Ow can I ‘elp you?”

    “Hello. There’s something wrong with the RAM in my machine.”

    “What’s all that abaht then guv?”

    “I think the RAM is stopping my machine from booting up.”

    “Stone the bladdy crows!”

    “Well look, can you help me at all?”

    “Phwoar, dunno chief…’ave you tried givin’ it a good kickin?”

    “Look, it’s obvious that you can’t help. I’ll just try somewhere else thanks’.

    “Fair enough guv. ‘Ere… I once had that Steve Jobs geezer in the back of my cab”.


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