Apple CEO Jobs’ announcements last week interesting because of what he chose not to say

“When I covered Apple’s first iPod announcement in 2001, it was unlike anything I had seen in my three years of covering MP3 players — and the iPod wasn’t too shabby, either.
Steve Jobs plays the tech press like his pal Yo Yo plays the cello. I was blown away by the magnitude of the event and all the hooting and hollering from my normally sedate colleagues, who were indistinguishable in their enthusiasm from the Apple acolytes in the audience. But most importantly, I was impressed by the Mac-only iPod, which was leaps and bounds ahead of the competition with its 1.8-inch hard drive and groundbreaking design,” Eliot Van Buskirk writes for Wired News. “That first iPod announcement was probably the most important press event I have ever attended, so the hype surrounding it made sense. But Jobs’ cultivated mystique seems a little forced when he has nothing more to talk about than a mini Intel computer, leather iPod cases and the iPod hi-fi boom box.”

Van Buskirk writes, “That’s not to say Jobs didn’t say anything last week — in the midst of the drab mentions of accessories and Intel-inside processing power increases were a couple of kernels of genuine interest, mainly revolving around what he chose not to do and say… Perhaps the real meat of last week’s Apple announcement is that the digital home may end up seeded with computers rather than the specialized networked entertainment devices the folks at CES have been talking about for years.”

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  1. This sounds like the emperor has no clothes scenario to me. However you want to slant it, It was a weak announcement. I don’t care what he didn’t announce. What he did announce was boring. If Jobs has the time to announce new leather cases for the iPod as a press junket we certainly don’t have to worry about him being too busy at Disney.

  2. I think the last announcement’s gravity won’t be realized until a few months down the road. I don’t mean we’ll look back with awe or anything, I just think that reviews of the minis and hifis will start trickling in and folks will realize how good the products are.

    At least that’s what I’m hoping. And yes, I’m also hoping for Intel desktops April 1st. Please.


  3. My recollection of the original iPod announcement was much different. I remember clearly reading a Steven Levy article about how a small group of journalists were assembled in the Apple Computer boardroom in Cupertino and each given a gift-wrapped box. Inside was the original iPod. Steve Jobs barely said a thing, but instead, let what was inside the box do the talking.

    I remember this because the iPod had such an inauspicious beginning, instead of a loudly hyped, mass gathering. At the time, Apple stock could be had for a pre-split adjusted $13 per share – the company was barely selling for its per-share value of its cash on hand, and analysts were predicting gloom and doom.

    The seed that was planted that day became a very large tree. But something tells me that the author of the Wired piece was not present at the creation.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, however.

  4. Steveo said in the announcement the mac mini can be connected to a TV, but didn’t expand on that. That teaser suggests they have more up their sleeve, but then was not the right time.

  5. Look at it another way. If there is another ‘special’ event on 1st April, and it is the itunes film store the intel Mini, iPod hi-fi etc would get hardly any mentions in the press if they had been held over for it. This way they can get into the market with time to spare, especially if the intel chip is so important for the DRM.

  6. Following the original iPod unveiling, I remember most of the press writing stories saying that it would never sell because it was way too expensive. Good thing that they aren’t paid based on the accuracy of their predictions (much like the stock analysts).

  7. “Anyone notice his Steveness said ” see you really soon ” at the very end?”

    Hmmm, indeed! Especially if one considers that “See you real soon,” was the sign off phase uttered by cast leader Jimmie Dodds in Disney’s original Mickey Mouse Club series.

    A Disney connection coming up?

  8. Yeah, there’s lots of things I didn’t say last week, either.

    And why, oh, why do so many people try to read between the lines, or words, in this, and every other case whenever Jobs has anything to say? Why not just let Jobs say what he’s going to say, and pay attention to that? Or is that saying too much?

    Everybody, just go take a look at today’s TechJoy cartoon – I think it sums it up quite nicely:

  9. The last Apple product announcement introduced a fantastic new model, the Intel MacMini. The new model should have been enough for any true Apple Mac fan.

    If you were underwhelmed or disappointed by this cool new model then you’ve been spending way to much time on message boards and rumor sites.

    The $599 model includes all the basic options that were missing on the previous $499 G4 version.

    Intel processors are always expensive when they’re first released and then the price goes down as newer, better, faster models come to market.

    The Core series is brand new Intel technology and early adopters always pay a premium, as the product matures, Apple will probably reintroduce a $499 or even a $399 model to entice more Windows users.

    Given the bump in the road that the whole switch to Intel represents the Core based MacMini’s are priced to add to Apples bottom line and help keep their stock afloat.

    The new HiFi speaker system will be another big hit product for Apple, it was designed to appeal to the 95% of consumers who only know if something sounds good or not, they don’t care about the specs, they vote with their wallets. If you think it’s too expensive your wallet is too empty or you’re among the 5% of consumers who demand more of some non-mainstream attribute. If you fail to understand this you’re one of the 1/100th of 1% with your head up you bum (pull it out and you’ll hear better highs).

    The $100 iPod cases are for execs who wear $1000 Italian leather shoes (not me).

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