Apple releases Front Row 1.2.1

Apple has released Front Row 1.2.1. With Front Row, you can enjoy full-screen music, photos, videos, and DVDs on your Macintosh using a simple Apple remote control. This Front Row update improves compatibility with iTunes and iPhoto sharing.

This version of Front Row requires a Macintosh computer with:
• Built-in infrared (IR) receiver
• Mac OS X v10.4.5 or later
• iTunes 6.0.4 and iPhoto 6.0.2 or later

More info and download link (5.5MB) here.

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  1. Installed it just fine on my 12″ Powerbook 1.5ghz. With a little ‘hackin’ it works great. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    MDN Word “Wrong” – I.E. If you thought this could only be installed on Mac’s with I.R. on it, you’re wrong…

  2. Yet Apple hasn’t said ANYTHING about the iPod Universal Dock and remote not supporting the “Menu”
    feature. Makes the whole $60 setup relatively useless.

    Many (a** holes) on Apple’s support sight say that the remote was intended for FrontRow and iPod buyers are being unrealistic. I say that ever Mac that supports Front Row comes with the remote anyway so Apple is squarely targeting iPod owners with the Universal Dock and remote setup, only to disapoint when it just FF/RW the same playlist/song only and changes the volume. Any actual navigation requires physical interaction with the iPod!!! LAME APPLE!!!

  3. It still is beyond me why Apple hasn’t made a Bluetooth remote that is compatible with Front Row.

    What makes the “old” style Mac Mini imcompatable with Front Row other than it’s lack of IR?

  4. Sizewell,

    “What makes the “old” style Mac Mini imcompatable with Front Row other than it’s lack of IR?”

    Besides the fact that Front Row is not available on the old style Mac mini, or any of the other Macs (before the iMac with iSight, PowerBooks, iBooks and PowerMacs)
    It is only supported on the computers that have Front Row as the bundled software.

    Otherwise if you have it running on an ‘old’ style Mac, then you have hacked it to run it there, so it is up to you to hack it to get it to work with bluetooth or an IR.

  5. I think you missed my point… what is stopping Apple from releasing a Bluetooth enable remote that works with Front Row, so that the “old” style Mac Mini would be compatible with Front Row.

    I don’t think this is a technology issue, but rather a marketing / sales issue.

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