Woz heartily denies ‘Apple should spin off iPod’ quote

“In a striking report on Thursday, the Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper reported Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, had some major differences in vision with Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs. According to the piece written by Peter Nowak, Wozniak asserted that Apple ought to spin off its iPod division and was hesitant in his support of the Cupertino-based company’s switch to Intel processors,” Timothy R. Butler reports for Open for Business. “Wozniak responded in a statement posted today to TheMacintoshGuy.com’s Titanium user list. The man who designed Apple’s first successful computer systems denied that a spin-off was an idea he supported. ‘I heartily deny saying this,’ Wozniak stated, ‘the strength of the iPod came from treating a music device as a ‘satellite’ to a computer, and the intertwining of iTunes and the iPod made this possible. I did NOT say that the iPod division should be spun off and I feel used in that regard.’”

Woz also denies the Intel and Microsoft comments to some dgeree. More in the full article here.

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Woz: spin off iPod, Intel Macs ‘like consorting with enemy,’ Microsoft is ‘Darth Vader’ – February 23, 2006


  1. Woz is just Woz.

    I disagree with the iPod dependance on a computer, there should be something cheaper than a computer to buy music from iTMS and load a iPod up with music.

    A iStereo/iBoom would be good for all those computer illiterate folks.

    I agree that Apple sold out to Intel, but IBM offered no choice.

    I just hope Steve will do right by us and not DRM the Mactels to hell and back.

  2. I know this is off topic, but as a recent switcher I need some advice. I am in the process of copying over my data from the PC to the Mac.

    – I have quite a few web pages saved on my PC and have not transferred them over yet because I am not sure if they will work. Will just copying the same IE files over work the same, or does Safari save them in a different way? Am I out of luck on this? Is there a work-around if they are not able to be opened?

    – Can anyone recommend a good word processor that is not M$ but has good Word compatibility? Or should I just forget about it and buy Word for Mac? I’ve looked at Nissus and that is about it so far. Any suggestions?


  3. 8-Bit

    Your question is better answered on the Apple Support forums>Discussions>Mac OS X


    But watch most answers there are by those with a commercial interest.

    Other sources is MacRumors and AppleInsider. Enough people there to get your questions answered.

    As far as a Word compatible program, check out AppleWorks $79 reads/writes Word and Excel files.

    You can buy OfficeMac (bleh)

    A free open source alternative is NeoOfficeJ


    By the way HTML is HTML, just like jpg is a jpg. Same file many platforms can read it.

    Mac’s can read PC disks, but not the other way around.

    Get a few books on Mac OS X Tiger.

  4. 8-bit,

    Congrats on the switch. I think you’ll find that compatibility won’t be an issue, and that you’ll love your Mac experience. Here are some quick answers to your questions:

    1) Remember that the web is based on an open standard HTML. This means that if a browser is following standards, it should render a web page nearly identically to all other standard browsers. MSIE does not completely follow standards, and MS has added other “features” to their browser to allow it to render non-standard pages in a special way. All of that being said, the files that it reads & renders are just that – files. If they exist on your PC and can be copied to your Mac, the browser should read them as plain files and render them identically. If they contain text, graphics, java, etc., your Mac can store them and they can be read. The only caveat should be that if they are going to reside on your Mac (i.e. your Mac will be the server) then you need to verify that the directory structure and naming convention will work. That should not be an issue unless you are using reserved characters. OK, so that was a long answer. Short answer: They should be just fine. Copy ’em over.

    2) There are a number of word processors that will read/write MS Word files. However, many of them won’t open the file exactly like Word. However, check out the WP from OpenOffice.org. You can find it on http://www.macupdate.com. However, it requires using the X11 windowing layer, which is not easy to set up & use. Hmm, we use Macs because they don’t require all this complicated mumbo jumbo, so why use it? Well, because it’s free and because it is pretty much MS Office compatible. Ah! But here’s something better: Neo Office is a version of Open Office that doesn’t require X11! You can get it on http://www.macupdate.com also. Here’s the address for it:

    Good luck & again, congrats!


  5. Web pages are web pages. There’s no difference between the html files on you Windows PC and html files on a Mac. They may look a little different in Safari than they do in IE, but that’s just because they use different rendering engines. You might want to download Camino at mozilla.org since most people who have tried it consider it to be a better browser than Safari. (Camino is based on Firefox but has a more Mac-style user interface.)

    I think you should just download Microsoft Office 2004 off Limewire or thepiratebay.org

  6. “- Can anyone recommend a good word processor that is not M$ but has good Word compatibility? Or should I just forget about it and buy Word for Mac? I’ve looked at Nissus and that is about it so far. Any suggestions?”

    Office is not bad. I mean, they have a Mac Business Unit team of Mac-heads within Microsoft, and they’re a pretty cool little group.

    The Mac version of Office IS reportedly superior to the Windows version, if you can believe it, and a nice piece of software.

    Most Mac users will admit Microsoft is not really the problem, Windows is the problem. Mac users will NOT part with their OS.

    Of course, you can pick up iWork, but don’t do it because you hate MS, do it because you like iWork. Mac Office is really, a very very nice package. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> Just remember, the Windows Office suite is more about locking ppl into Windows, than actual productivity increases. This is partly why the Mac version has ‘caught up’ and surpassed it.

    On a side note: I’ve seen a lot of interviews with guys inside MS talking about the latest version of Windows, and it really is the old chestnut about ‘Microsoft being the answer to the question no one asked’

    They’re trying to add features to Vista that TOTALLY come out of nowhere, to mask the fact that you’re buying the same thing you bought 5 years ago.

    A scary thought for MS: Win 2000 and Office 98 will do most people just fine.

  7. I guees 8bit has saved his web pages as web archives, and they won’t open on a Mac. Although Safari can save web page archives too, the format between archvies created by Safari differ from those created by IE.

    If the pages are saved as regular HTML, then there should be no problem.

  8. 8-bit–

    Do you mean that you want to import your bookmarks, or that you want to move over the html.txt files that you have created?

    OS X can handle .txt files without a hitch, and Safari can import those bookmarks directly from Mac IE to Safari. I’m sure there is a Windows to Mac solution as well.

    Look here.

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