Apple to offer full-length feature films via iTunes Store, debut ‘MacBook’ as early as Tuesday

“Apple, whose iTunes internet music site sold its billionth tune last week, is preparing to launch a film download service. An announcement is expected as early as this week,” Tony Glover reports for The Business.

The news will represent another move in Apple’s strategy to network computing and entertainment products around the home so music and video can be wirelessly streamed from one device to another. Films downloaded on to an Apple computer from iTunes could be transferred through an Apple Airport wireless connection to a digital television or stored on a video iPod,” Glover reports. “Using the success of Apple’s iPod, the world’s most successful portable digital music player, and iTunes, Apple’s hugely successful music download service, as a springboard for a film download service makes perfect commercial sense for Apple chief executive and founder Steven Jobs.”

“There is also speculation among US analysts that Apple is also working on additional video and audio-enabled products to complement a revamped iTunes services offering feature-length films. Some believe Apple is also planning to unveil a new widescreen computer notebook to be called the “Macbook”, which will be distinctive because of its small size and widescreen cinema display. It is expected to retail at less than $1,500,” Glover reports. “There is also talk that Apple is planning the launch of an Apple-branded hi-fi that will enable iPod users to dock their iPod music player into a device that will then turn the compact digital music player into a fully-fledged hi-fi that will enable them to share their music collection in the living room, the kitchen or at the beach.”

Full article here.

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  1. Cool, glad to see your here on the weekend MDN.

    Rememeber folks SnapZ ProX will screen record anything into Quicktime format, of course it might not work yet on Mactels.

    Don’t expect it to work forever either if it does.

    Of course the problem is getting the file size downsized to fit your DVD burner.

  2. Actually, the quality of the H.264 movies on iTunes music store is very good, considering the low resolution. If they would only use SD (720×486) resolution, which would only quadruple the bandwidth requirement (which would still be quite low), the quality would be as good as DVD.

    Ideally, they’d let you buy an HD version, which would be WAY better than DVD. They’d remaster when feasible and do a high-quality upscale when not. But I doubt that they’ll do this.

    I’ll be disappointed if it’s not SD though. I mean, I’d still buy one…

  3. “HEY, let’s just mention everything that Apple might release this coming Tuesday in our article, okay? That way we’ll have our asses covered and we can claim to our readers later on that our predictions were 100% correct. Sound good?”

    Sheesh. Talk about giving us “The Business”!

  4. Again, I would be amazed if the Intel iBook had a Core Duo processor and the Core Solo’s aren’t shipping yet. So I think if the iBook is mentioned, it will be more of a “taking orders now for April” type of thing. Maybe one will be shown.

  5. For what it’s worth:

    As of iTunes 6.0.3, when you select a video, you can now choose between three options under ‘video kind’: movie, music video and TV show. Before this, you only had music video and TV show.

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