Toy makers surf Apple’s iPod tidal wave

“After bemoaning the emergence of the iPod as children’s latest must-have toy, toy makers are now looking at the digital musical player as their own marketing strategy,” The Associated Press reports. “After the success last year of Zizzle Inc.’s iZ and Hasbro Inc.’s I-Dog, both of which can be hooked up to Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod, competitors are coming up with their own iPod-friendly products, aimed at preteens.”

“The toys, being shown at this week’s American International Toy Fair trade expo, range from electronic drumsticks and other musical instruments to chairs and electronic playmates that act as speakers. For even younger children, Baby Einstein Co. has a rocking chair that connects to an iPod so parents can sing along while the child rocks. And Emerson Radio Corp. has a SpongeBob SquarePants speaker system that plugs into an iPod, part of its line of electronics sold under the Nickelodeon brand,” AP reports. “‘The iPod is the No. 1 toy. My view is why fight them? Why not join them?’ said Isaac Larian, chief executive of MGA Entertainment Inc., which has a chair under its popular Bratz brand that serves as an iPod speaker.”

Full article with more examples of iPod toys here.

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  1. Meanwhile Microsoft’s “Lump of Coal” toy/speakers for kids that works with many players is not doing so well in toy stores.

    A Toys R Us spokesperson said, “Of the few Lumps of Coal that we’ve sold most have been returned due to complaints of making a mess in the family home and lack of iPod compatibility. Also we found most were simply bought as gag gifts for co-workers rather than as kids toys.” In the end it boiled down to this, “Nobody wants coal when for the same money or less you can get an iPod compatible Spongebob or Bratz toy.”

  2. I got bought an iDog for Christmas. It’s great when you’re listening to music. It sits there next to the iMac shaking it’s ears and head and making little light patterns in time to the songs.

    Silly nonsense really. But that doesn’t stop me waving my hand over it occasionally, or stroking it’s nose. Keeping it happy is addictive.

  3. For even younger children, Baby Einstein Co. has a rocking chair that connects to an iPod so parents can sing along while the child rocks.

    Pun intended, eh? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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