RealNetworks doubled music services subscriber base in 2005, hits 1.4 million subscribers

“Seattle-based RealNetworks, which is one of several companies trying to win consumers over to a music-subscription service that competes with Apple Computer’s iTunes store, says it has doubled the number of paying customers in the past year,” Peter Kafka reports for Forbes. “Real said Tuesday that it had 1.4 million subscribers for its music services at the end of 2005, up from 700,000 a year before. The company said it had earned $312 million in 2005 on sales of $325 million. [Note: Real’s year-end results include a $478 million payment from Microsoft as part of an anti-trust case settlement… Real expects to receive another $283 million from Microsoft during the next five quarters.]

“Real makes most of its money selling consumers access to entertainment like music and games via subscription services, in which customers pay a monthly fee to ‘rent’ their entertainment,” Kafka reports. “…To date, Internet music subscription offerings like those from Real, Napster and Yahoo! have yet to take off – there are perhaps 3 million subscribers to Internet music services… Dan Sheerhan, Real’s senior vice president of consumer services, said the main hurdle facing subscription services is that the devices don’t work with Apple’s successful iPod line of music players, and that competitors haven’t come up with a device that works as well with Real’s offering as the iPod does with iTunes. That should change in 2006, he said, as Real works with manufacturers including Samsung, Toshiba and SanDisk to offer a competitive product. ‘We’re simply in a phase of the market’s development that we knew was going to come but we thought would be shorter than it has been,’ he said.”

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Small potatoes — or, in this case, doughnuts. The also-rans’ annual mantra: “We haven’t come up with a device that works as well as the iPod does with iTunes. That should change in 2004, 2005, 2006…”

From RealNetworks’ press release: “For the fourth quarter, in the Consumer Products and Services segment, Music revenue was $26.1 million, a 29% increase over the fourth quarter of 2004; Games revenue was $15.7 million, a 52% increase over the fourth quarter of 2004; Video, Consumer Software and Other revenue was $22.6 million, a decrease of 10% over the fourth quarter of 2004; and Media Properties revenue was $9.0 million, a 55% increase over the fourth quarter of 2004. In the Business Products and Services segment, revenue was $10.2 million in the fourth quarter, a decrease of 8% over the same period in 2004… In 2005, revenue grew 22% to $325.1 million compared to $266.7 million in 2004. In the Consumer Products and Services segment, Music revenue was $97.5 million, a 50% increase over 2004; Games revenue was $56.3 million, a 63% increase over 2004; Video, Consumer Software and Other revenue was $95.0 million, a 2% decrease over 2004; and Media Properties revenue was $31.1 million, a 43% increase over 2004. In the Business Products and Services segment, revenue was $45.1 million, a 7% decrease from 2004.”

Real is like digital foot fungus; nobody wants it, it’s quite irritating, and, unfortunately, it just never seems to go away completely.

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  1. In humans, the estimated prevalence of mental retardation is 2.5 percent of the general population. Mental retardation classified as “severe” is around 0.47 percent of the total population.

    The U.S. population is approximately 300 million people. Therefore, 1.4 million (300,000,000*0.0047) are naturally predisposed to be Real subscribers. I could have predicted Real’s music subscriber results years ago.

    Looking forward, I see limited growth potential in the U.S.A for Real. Short of reintroducing widespread use of lead-based paint in nurseries, their best hope for the future is to target the rest of the world’s severely mentally retarded now that the lawsuit settlement well has run dry.

  2. What percentage of that increased “user base” is from university/college students forced to pay usage fees along with their tuitions but never, ever use Real products?

    If there are 20,000 students paying for this service but never using it does Real count all 20,000?

  3. can everybody please remember that competition is healthy, and it keeps us from paying over the odds for our music and keeps apple on there toes, thus keeping i-tunes up to date and as good as it is, you cant praise apple for its music dominance and then heckle microsoft for its own dominance, just a thought.

  4. Only reason their subscriber base doubled is because they spent tons of money promoting their garbage on tv next to those annoying commercials.

    If it wasnt for money they got by suing Microsoft, they wouldn’t have a positive revenue.

    fact is.. This Guy is a pure retard ( real networks ceo ) and his company wont survive.

    DO NOT INVEST IN THIS COMPANY. they will go bankrupt in a few years.

    How do i know… simple… when Apple pcs take over.. he’ll have no where to put his software on to as easily as he was able to with windows/microsoft.

    This guy called Steve Jobs ” pig headed” and i dont think Apple will ever make any effort to make life easy for him(real networks ceo).

    So basicly, he has nowhere to go. He’s SCREWED. and so is his company.

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