TiVo updates TiVoDesktop for Mac

TiVo has updated Desktop for Mac (v1.9.2). This update provides compatability with Mac OS X 10.4: Tiger, but includes digital music & photos only — not TiVoToGo transfers.

• A networked TiVo Series2 DVR
• iTunes 3.0.1 or later required for music
• iPhotos 5 or later required for photos
• 400MHz G3 processor or better recommended
• 256MB RAM or more recommended

TiVo plans to add Mac OS X support for TiVoToGo “sometime this year.”

More info and download link here.

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Report: TiVo to add Mac OS X support for TiVoToGo ‘sometime next year’ – November 22, 2005


  1. No, TiVo has nothing to do with Microsoft.

    Yes, this is a good thing, finally TiVo are showing up with some Mac support. Those of use who want to play iTunes (non-DRMed) through the TiVo welcome this.

    No, its not TiVo to go, but they’re working on it.

    All in all: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Thanks TiVo (finally!)

  2. The EyeTV 500 does HDTV and has no ‘Digital Flag’. If I were you, which I’m not (but if I was), I’d get one of these while you can. With CyTV, QuickTime Broadcaster or a Slingbox you can push your video anywhere you want.
    I figure a DRM/TCM enabled EyeTV with a cable card slot will replace it before the year is out.

    TiVo is like Napster: a flawed 60% solution.

  3. @ Jeff,

    Buying CDs is not the solution either.
    RIAA now want ripping CDs to Ipod (and I guess other MP3 players) declare not ‘fair use”.


    THis leaves our options at what ??
    Soon the RIAA will make so that you have to buy a personal use license and at home you are the only one that can listen to your music unless you have paid for a multiple use license and your friends have upgraded their RIAA cocular implant.

  4. Thanks to all that replied to my comments about iTunes music. I understand that Apple’s DRM IS the best out there. But, its still DRM. And TiVo is just one example of where the DRM gets in the way. Another is in the videos you can download from iTMS. Guess what? Apple doesn’t let you copy those. So DRM is a major problem here.

    Buying CD’s is still our best choice. At least until bands get the smarts to free themselves from the RIAA stranglehold and sell their music themselves on their own websites or through iTunes.

    Yes, the RIAA forced Apple to use DRM in their songs. But I really believe Apple has no intention of removing the DRM now even if the RIAA let them. Why? Simple, the DRM locks you into the iPod and iTMS. Without the DRM, you could now play music purchased from iTMS on any player. DRM has become a vendor lock-in device for Apple.

    Frankly, I think we’re screwed one way or the other. The RIAA is a dinosaur who has no interest in changing its business model. And new bands, quite honestly, are too quick to sign these god-awful deals with record labels.

    I was just about to order an EyeTV 500 because it does HDTV. But it turns out that it can handle only unencrypted cable. My cable provider, Cox, encrypts its digital cable channels so the EyeTV 500 would only handle over the air HD for me.

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